June 15, 2024


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8 Ways To Ensure Your New Bathroom Is Modern & Organised

new modern bathroom

As newlyweds, life couldn’t be more exciting, still buzzing from the celebrations of the big day and honeymoon. Just for now you are living in a rented flat, but cannot wait to make your move into the house you have purchased. It might take a little bit of time as it was in a bit of a mess and still needs plenty of work on it despite early progress. The great news is that it was affordable even after being refurbished.

You spend lots of quality time in the bathroom, so you wish to design it to your own specifications. You both agree that you want a bathroom that looks organised but also has a modern style. You research long and hard and come up with the following tips to achieve your aims.

  • A freestanding bathtub would be a great start. There are not many pieces of bathroom furniture as stylish as that. You can make it the centrepiece of the room and wow any visitors. There are lots of designs available with clean lines and flat, slender edges for that modern effect.
  • A high-tech frameless-styled mirror with integrated lighting will ooze class. It will ensure that the special room is right up to date. It also helps to keep the room organised as it saves space where additional lighting would also be otherwise required. Perhaps popping into the nearby bathroom showroom in Esher or chatting with experts in your location will offer inspiration.
  • Draw dividers and a caddy container. This will help in the tidiness department as you can both neatly store your personal utensils without them being left on shelves or the basin.
  • To make a bathroom look modern, simplicity is the key. There is no need for faucets that are overly sophisticated. It is a far better idea to go for minimalistic hardware and faucets that use clean lines and simple silhouettes.
  • Use tiling with clean lines and one colour. This creates a clean look to the whole room and can have the effect of making it look bigger in space.
  • A laundry bin adds class. When choosing the appropriate design, don’t forget this bit of detail as it ensures there is no need for any clothes or towels to be left on the floor or hanging unkempt on shelving. More tips can be garnered when you consult bathroom designers Farnham or your city has.
  • Add a floating toilet and accompanying vanity. They will look clean, sleek, and modern. A hanging vanity creates more space while a floating toilet system is easier to keep clean, as is the floor space around it.

Speak to the experts and pull off that modern and organised look in the bathroom.