July 20, 2024


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Californian Roofless House Comes with Its Own Oasis

Californian Roofless House Comes with Its Own Oasis

Those who live in busy neighborhoods know that privacy and views are somewhat of a luxury. The Roofless House solves that problem rather well, giving the owners everything they need.

The Roofless House was built in 2018 in Atherton, California, US, by Craig Steely Architecture. In the heart of Silicon Valley, homes sit on large plots, but they are still somewhat crowded.

Yet, the Roofless house seeks to fix two problems for the owners – live outdoors as much as possible and avoid looking at the boring walls of the neighboring houses.

So, the architects went out and created a novel-shaped house that would direct the view upwards, towards the ever-changing sky. Since the owners seek to spend lots of time outside, enjoying the Californian climate, this seems to be the perfect solution.

Although it doesn’t look like a traditional house, it certainly serves all the purposes of one, featuring lots of rooms and plenty of outdoor spaces, peppered in between. The best part is that the house is seemingly roofless, thanks to all these areas full of greenery.

The curving wall that surrounds the building fully encloses the house and makes sure that the owners get the feeling of freedom by directing the view upwards. Plus, including birch trees pulls our eyes upwards, too.

The house features glass walls leading into the inner courtyards, allowing lots of light to come in and the feeling of indoor-outdoor living.

Another cool thing about the roofless house is that it has no fence at the street perimeter, instead featuring a meadow, redwoods, oaks, and brand-new birch trees.

Photographer: Darren Bradley