June 15, 2024


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Entryway Redo with White and Yellow Paint – Before and After Photos

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the entryway is what sets the tone for anyone who steps into your space. With this in mind, you might look at that area with a different lens, thinking of it less as a pass-through and more as a way to show off your design style right off the bat. Of course, above all, you should make your entryway functional so that it can handle shoes, jackets, keys, mail, and whatever else you tend to drop there.

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Thinking about changing up your entryway to hit all of the above? Let the main hallway in Blaise’s townhouse (@our_townhouse_by_the_sea) inspire you to take on a refresh. “Our hallway felt cold when I entered it every day,” says Blaise — and not just in terms of temperature. The space had so much potential, but felt bland and sterile.

“With it being a Victorian-built house, we have lovely features, including original coving and a ceiling rose that gives the space personality,” Blaise says. But all that potential was sitting untapped, hidden by the otherwise “drab and dull” surroundings. Blaise wanted to give the entryway a jolt that would make all those gorgeous old features sing.

To pull it off, Blaise turned her attention to low-lift upgrades and other decor. “This hallway transformation was super easy — anyone could do it in their home, including renters or homeowners on a budget,” she says. And even better, it cost under £250 (or $297 USD).

First, she added a mirror purchased from a local furniture shop on one side of the entryway, above the radiator. The classic small-space trick helps make the area feel just a little bit bigger. Then, to add a little kick of personality, Blaise created a focal point on the opposite wall by painting an accent circle in a sunny yellow color. “Once I painted the color block I couldn’t stop and gave the dirty white radiator a paint in the same sunny color,” says Blaise.

A console table close to the stairs ensures that this area maintains its functionality, too. The bowl on top corrals small items, while a drawer helps hide additional storage. A new pendant light that better fits the home’s Victorian roots hangs above, while a table lamp offers up a soft glow. The finishing touches were personal photos as well as plants and dried floral arrangements. “They brought the space to life again!” Blaise says.

The result is a practical space that maintains its character and offers up a little bit of cheer, too. “I love how it feels more welcoming to guests and when I come in after a long day at work,” says Blaise. “The only thing I would do differently is make the color block bigger and sunnier.” An easy fix, if you ask us!