July 21, 2024


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Essential Additions if You Want a Garden to Entertain In

Essential Additions if You Want a Garden to Entertain In

Essential Additions if You Want a Garden to Entertain In 1

Most of us could quite easily write a huge list of things that we’d like to do with or buy for our gardens, especially if we’ve got a lot of space to work with. There might be certain plants that you’d love to include. You might have always wanted fruit trees or a large trampoline. There might be outdoor games you love to include, and most of us would really like a swimming pool if space and money weren’t an issue. 

But they aren’t all things that we need. If you want to turn your garden into the perfect setting for chilled out evenings with friends, fun BBQs and exciting garden parties, there are a few things that you absolutely must have. Here’s a look at some of the essential additions you need to make if you want to entertain more in your garden. 

Seating Options

If you want to invite guests around, ideally, you’ll want more than enough seats for everyone. A Vidaxl garden lounge set is the ideal choice. Try to add seats around a table, but also more comfortable and relaxed options. If you are short on space, make sure you can at least bring seats from inside out easily. 

A Large Table

Typically, most forms of entertainment include at least some food. A Vidaxl garden table means that you can eat outdoors with your family, but also that you’ve got somewhere for guests to gather, or just a safe space for them to put their drinks down. 

Somewhere to Cook

One of the best ways to ensure you spend more time in your garden, both with your household and guests, is to make sure you can eat in it. Yes, you can always take meals outside, but food cooked outdoors always feels more exciting, and more like a special occasion. A good BBQ can be a worthwhile investment that increases your opportunities to entertain, enables you to spend more time outdoors and even improves your diet. 


Generally speaking, people will start to move indoors when it gets dark. If you have lighting in your garden, you are more likely to enjoy late nights outdoors with friends. Solar lights can be a cheap and effective addition to any garden. 


Most people will also go indoors when they start to get cold. Patio heaters are great, but even smaller touches like cushions, throws and fluffy slippers will keep people outside for longer. 

Plenty of Colour

Colour is a great way to make a space more interesting, entertaining, and comfortable. Like indoors, colour in your garden can create a chilled-out atmosphere that people want to enjoy. Add colour by painting fences and decking in alternative shades, with plants and flowers and with interesting and decorative planters. 

Entertaining outdoors is a great way to get more fresh air, eat a more varied diet and spend time with your friends, and summer is the perfect time to do it. Start adding just a few of these things to your outdoor space and you’ll soon have a garden that everyone wants to spend time in.