June 16, 2024


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How Interior Designers Can Monetize for The Holidays

What makes you or your company more special than any other account this holiday season? Are your sharing valuable content?

A pro tip is sharing an exclusive sale or promo code. Regardless if you’re sharing a retailer’s sale event or promoting one for your business, special discounts always make consumers excited! It’s a beneficial strategy for attracting new customers’ attention and incentivizing them to make a purchase. It’s also important to promote the sale several times before the day of the promotion event. Create excitement around the promotion by posting it on social media, email campaigns, and other advertising channels. According to SpendMeNot, In 2021, over 88 million Americans shoppedBlack Friday sales online and saved an average of 24% from special offers and discounts.

Maybe you already have a social media presence. Or you’re thinking of starting one. Now is the perfect time to get started. Clients and home enthusiast are always looking for the next best thing in interior design. That includes everything from furniture to paint colors. Interior designers can use their expertise to hand pick items that will make for the best home decor gifts or even festive decor to get people in the holiday spirit.

Here’s a few ideas ot help you earn money this holiday season by sharing recommendations!

  • Create a Wishlist

    • If you’re someone who already has a small online presence. Curate a personal wishlist for the holidays and share it with followers to shop. Talk about why these items are a must buy and where to buy them! You can use Chirpyest’s Shopping Board feature to design a wishlist to easily share with your audience. Once followers shop your items, then you can earn up to 30% cash back. Alert followers that they can also earn cash back as a Chirpyest member.
  • Curate a Sales & Promos List

    • This is a more time consuming strategy, but can make a lot of money during the holidays. Use google docs or google sheets to create a shareable spreadsheet of your favorite holiday sales and promo codes. Use affiliate links to link your favorite products for followers to shop. See Chirpyest’s example here to get started. Go to Chirpyest’s blog to see their weekly sales and promos.
  • Promote Trending Products

    • Interior designers are capable of spotting trending items that are actually worth it! If you’re looking to make more money during the holiday season then highlight trending items. Followers will be more inclined to shop when they see the same item repetitively and hear an experts opinion on the item. Is it worth it? What’s the best deal? Where can you find the item? 

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