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How to Clean a Painted Deck with a Power Washer


If you are just one of those who like to consider treatment of things by on your own, you might want to know how to clear a painted deck with a electric power washer. Just like most household enhancement initiatives, it is vital to study the suitable methods for power washing your atlanta household. Otherwise, your deck could close up wanting worse than when you begun. Rather than skipping forward and assuming you know anything by now, these ways will display you how to avoid issues that could damage a painted surface area.

cleaning deck with power washer

What NOT To Do When Power washing a Painted Deck!

Cleansing a painted deck can be a true pain. You have to be careful not to destruction the paint and the deck’s surface area, which is not generally straightforward. The correct system will make all the change. If you comply with these actions, you are going to get a good result!

  • Don’t use a power washer with too significantly force. This will bring about destruction to your deck and may also spoil your paint work.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemical substances on your deck except if precisely made. This will also trigger scratches and other damage that can damage your deck’s end.
  • Really don’t use any pressure washer extras that are not specially made for cleaning decks (this kind of as nozzles).
  • You might be tempted to get this finished as quickly as doable, but dashing will only trigger additional problems. Consider your time and abide by the methods below carefully.

How To Energy wash a Painted Deck and Not Injury the Paint

If you use a power washer to thoroughly clean your deck, you could possibly be fearful about harmful the paint. But with the correct tools and cleaning technique, you can securely power clean a painted deck with no detrimental the paint.

What You Need

You will want a tension washer, a yard hose, a deck brush, and moderate dish cleaning soap. We endorse making use of our Force Washer Cleansing Kit.

Action 1: Clean Your Deck With Soap and H2o Initial

Just before strain washing your deck, clean it with soap and drinking water to clear away any dirt or stains from the surface. Use a garden hose with mild dish cleaning soap to spray down all surfaces of your deck. Be certain to rinse off all soap residue ahead of transferring on to step two.

Move 2: Guard Crops and Fences With Tarps

If your deck is related to a further composition (these as a fence or residence), safeguard those people places with tarps ahead of setting up for the reason that they are much more likely to get hit by stray water droplets when you’re stress washing your deck. Place tarps above crops and fences so they do not get moist in the course of cleaning time if necessary, tape them in area with masking tape, so they really don’t blow away in the course of winds or storms.

Action 3: Reduced Stress

The greatest way to electrical power wash a painted deck is to use a tender nozzle and minimal stress to prevent your deck from getting damaged.

Step 4: Broader Spray

Not only will you use decrease tension, but the spray should be broader and significantly less immediate and severe.

Step 5: Back garden Hose

If you have a large deck, it is best to electric power wash it with a yard hose and nozzle.

Move 6: Ideal Suggestion

Use a tender spray tip on your hose or a drinking water-tension washer with a delicate spray idea, such as one built to clear vehicles.

Move 7: Top rated Down

Get started at the leading of the deck and perform your way down so that the pressure is not coming right on the paint.

Move 8: Tiny Sections

Operate in modest sections, then transfer on to much larger sections as you gain self confidence in how a great deal strain you can use without the need of damaging the paint end.

The Better Selection

The ideal way to use a electricity washer on a painted deck is to have a qualified do the operate. They have working experience working without stripping the paint, and they know how to clean and guard your deck’s complete appropriately.

Although you can do the function by yourself, choosing a experienced is substantially less headache. They can set up, cleanse up, and split down far more rapidly than Do-it-yourself, furthermore you won’t danger power washing off paint. If you do the do the job and “mess up,” you might have to have to take on a a great deal much larger project of electrical power washing off ALL the paint.


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