September 29, 2023


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Jon Netti Makes Beeswax Candles Inspired + Crafted By Nature

Jon Netti Makes Beeswax Candles Inspired + Crafted By Nature

Jon Netti is a new Australian label launched to produce candles as fantastic for the planet as they are for men and women. 

Founder Alicia Bermingham expended months looking into the most acceptable approaches and products for her solutions, arriving at unscented beeswax—a purely natural byproduct of the honey creating approach.

‘From the outset, I wished to craft handmade items that would improve daily rituals, build atmospheres that ended up harmless for all, and give possibilities for deeper conversations and genuine peace to take place,’ Alicia states. ‘Beeswax demonstrates these main values— very little can be hurried with nature—and I’m so appreciative that we get to work with this medium.’

The newly-introduced label creates two tapered and a few freestanding items personally built by Alicia. ‘The initially matter I do in the early morning is turn on our wax vats so that the wax can carefully soften and become molten. This fills the studio with the most amazing refined honey scent,’ she states.

The manufacturing method of Jon Netti differs by solution, spanning time-honoured traditions of repeatedly hand dipping wick into molten wax, to hand pouring into custom made moulds.

Jon Netti also crafts ceramic vessels by way of the approach of slip casting. All pieces are glazed and fired twice to vitrification, making certain every vessel can be reused very long just after the wax has been expended. 

When lit, a Jon Netti candle emits a wonderful circulation indulging the senses of sight, odor, and contact. ‘I really like that a beeswax flame shares the very same color spectrum as daylight,’ suggests Alicia. ‘Its mood-altering warmth provides so a great deal ambiance to a room and is genuinely transformative.’

Alicia hopes buyers sense motivated to gradual down and spoil on their own from the second of obtaining their Jon Netti piece. ‘I knew I required to make candles and I required to guarantee our wonderful consumers obtained a complete, immersive expertise. This begins with their initial interaction with the brand name, ideal via to the unboxing experience.’ 

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