December 3, 2022


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Make a Statement With Bold Colors

Sometimes a little deviation from the norm can make a big difference. And it’s the differences – however small – between things that add spice to life, especially in home design.

One surefire way to make a distinction in a room is to juxtapose contrasting colors, which can instantly draw the eye and create visual interest. Leigh Spicher, national director of studios for Ashton Woods in Atlanta, notes an increasing trend in high-contrast design.

“We are definitely experiencing the push/ pull of contrast in almost all areas of residential design – including color, textures, shape, and even scale,” said Spicher. “Homeowners are using bold contrast as a focal point in their spaces, which I find really interesting in our current environment.”

Lee Crowder, senior manager for Taylor Morrison Design Gallery in Dallas, said monochromatic contrasting, or mixing black and white shades, has been popular for several years. “We’ve had a nice long run with that trend. While monochromatic is still a popular choice, we’re seeing a real surge of adding bold color choices that add great contrast to an interior or exterior space,” Crowder notes. Want to dip a toe in this trend? Experiment by making a contrasting statement in the kitchen or bathroom – the approach can really pop in a utilitarian space.

Crowder said other ways to employ a contrasting effect include pairing a dark floor or deep-toned draperies with a lighter-colored wall. Try painting a brick fireplace white opposite a dark mantle.

“If you have a white countertop or table, simply add a vase of red roses, which instantly achieves contrast and layers in harmony,” recommended Spicher. “Want to go big? Implement color contrast in a home office, which can make working from home a bit more fun.”

The bottom line? Don’t go too wild.

“Choose one or two elements in the room for the bold color – such as the windows, trim, furniture piece, or fireplace. Then, let all of the other elements balance it with neutral color,” Spicher said.

–CTW Features