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New Big Brother 2022 Season 24 Cast Revealed Their Strategies. Plus New House Tour


Hey, “Big Brother” fans. We’re back in action with some more news from the set of the new Big Brother 2022 edition aka season 24. Earlier today, CBS released photos of the new cast along with some short bio descriptions for them.

Now, we’ve discovered that the folks over at E! News served up a new video on their official Twitter account that actually features all of the castmembers talking about the new season. Host Julie Chen Moonves is also in the video, serving up new looks at the Big Brother house for sort of a mini house tour.


The video starts off with Julie telling us how tomorrow night’s big premiere episode will feature 90 minutes of action with the LIVE move-in and everything. Shortly after that, we finally get a glimpse at all 16 of the new houseguests saying a few words. Some of them spilled a little bit of their strategy. Some of them just stated how excited they are to be in the house and so on and so forth.

Ameerah Jones said, “I’m very very excited about moving into the Big Brother house.” Jasmine Davis said,”It’s like literally a dream come true.” Monte Taylor said, “I’m so excited to meet these houseguests.” Michael Bruner said, “I’ve been studying this game for 20 years.”

Joe Pooch Pucciarelli said, “My strategy going into this game is just being myself.” Daniel Durston said, “I’m not necessarily a liar in real life, but to win this game, you definitely have to lie.” Kyle Capener said, “I have a lot of energy, and I’m gonna be the one twerking on tables and having a good time.”

Taylor Hale said, “I wanna get in that house and bring that $750,000 dollars cash home.” Nicole Layog said,”Being in the Big Brother house is amazing.” Paloma Aguilar said, “The diary room is going to hear all of my evil plans.” Brittany Hoopes said, “I do have a secret that I do not plan on sharing with the houseguests” this summer.”


Alyssa Snider said, “I want to win that first HOH because that is huge for your game.” Matt Turner said, “I have the competitive aspect down, and I think I’m just built for this.” Marvin Achi said, “Always expect big moves with Marvin. Hey, I’m Texas.”

Indu Santos said, “I have fun. I am hot, and I’m winning Big Brother.” Terrance Higgins said, “It’s your boy in the building. Let’s go.”

Julie Chen-Moonves revealed that the theme for the house will be a BB motel inspired by Palm Springs and a blast from the past. The bedrooms are inspired by the golfer’s paradise of Palm Springs and more. You guys can check out this new Big Brother season 24 cast/house tour video on E! News official Twitter account by Clicking Here.

Again, Big brother season 24 is scheduled to premiere tomorrow night, Wednesday, July 6, 2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest,”Big Brother” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.


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