September 24, 2023


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Sportscaster Charissa Thompson Talks Shop About Her New Interior Design Company

Sportscaster Charissa Thompson is calling the shots on and off camera. At the start of the pandemic, the television host—who has worked for Fox Sports, ESPN, Extra, and more—launched her own interior design company. Named House & Home, Thompson and her team pride themselves in offering affordable design services. “We’re not here to make a ton of money,” she tells AD. “Our goal is to turn your house into a home. We like to equate our company to fashion, so instead of couture clothing you’re never going to buy, you go after a practical quality alternative.”

Thompson sourced this gold chandelier from Lightology.

Photo: Jon Volk

She’s been successfully reimagining homes across the country for a little over a year now and has no plans of slowing down. “A dream of mine would be to go into someone’s house and not spend a dime, but to use their existing items to switch things up,” she says. “Sometimes people use finances as the reason why they can’t fix up their home, but I’m telling you, paint and good design goes a long way.”

Recently Thompson transformed her own garage, creating a home office from which to run her business. She was on a mission to put together something functional while prioritizing the coziness that comes with being able to work from home. Below, Thompson lets AD in on her design playbook.

Architectural Digest: What made you want to start an interior design company?

Charissa Thompson: Similar to sports, my love for interior design started when I was really young. When my parents were building their first home together—I think I was six—I remember my mom saying, ‘Since you’re the youngest, you get to pick first: Which room do you want?’ It was probably the only time I got preferential treatment, and I picked the room with the bay window. I’ve always loved design, so I decided to turn my passion into a profession during the pandemic because I found that so many people wanted to feel more at home and change their space.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

When I was working at Extra, I heard someone call my name. I turned around, walked over, and she was like, ‘My name is Amber Lewis and I love your show.’ I freaked out because I didn’t expect to see the well-known [force behind] Amber Interiors—which I love—at work. It was surreal. I’m also very inspired by Studio McGee. Their affordable, attainable Target collection aligns with House & Home. I’m all about high-low—spend a lot on the couch and not the console table. Kelly Wearstler is my muse, but I don’t take as many risks as she does. Not everyone can be like her; she’s in a class all on her own.

Ample storage was a must for Thompson’s home office. She also added unique touches such as a Kelly Wearstler lamp and chairs from CB2.

Photo: Jon Volk