July 21, 2024


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The Coronavirus’ Dramatic Effect on Interior Design

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It might seem a little presumptuous to compile a “what to look for in 2021 interior design” piece, as 2020 itself is barely half over. But what a half-year it’s been. Spending months in quarantine has already dramatically impacted design, with new trends that will undoubtedly continue to resonate well into 2021 and beyond.

One of the foremost decorative themes that burbled away in the first half of the year and is almost guaranteed to explode in the near future, is the art of bringing the outdoors inside. Nature-starved homeowners have been craving what they’ve been denied of late, so expect to see an increased number of plants and lush indoor gardens, earth-toned color schemes, outdoor-style interior flooring, and even the occasional attached greenhouse.

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For the bigger picture, all this additional warmth and texture will also affect furniture choices — not to mention the overall vibe of the home itself. Stark, straight lines, monochromatic color schemes and cold minimalism are marching out. In their stead, whimsical textures, organic curves and interesting color schemes are dominating current design trends.

Of course, it’s easier to bring the outside in when you live in a light-filled single family home in a sunny part of the world, as opposed to a small apartment in a dense urban city. However, certain design choices can help maked cramped residential circumstances feel less claustrophobic and — dare we say — altogether creative.

Here are eight trending design styles that help liven up homes with color and bring a dash of the outdoors inside.

Launch Gallery: Eight Lockdown-Inspired Interior Design Trends

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