April 21, 2024


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The Difference Between Nylon and Steel Garage Door Rollers for a Garage Door Repair in Beaverton

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There are typically three types of materials being used to make garage door rollers for a garage door repair — plastic, nylon, and steel.  Plastic rollers are the most cost-effective but have very limited durability.  

For the purpose of making things easier for you in choosing the perfect type of roller for your garage door, this article will focus on the difference between nylon and steel garage door rollers which would bring a balance to the important qualities of garage door rollers, namely:

  • Quiet operation
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Durability

The Durability of Garage Door Rollers

Durability is understood under the context of strength and longevity.  The various materials of garage door rollers respond differently to changes in weather conditions and in general wear and tear due to frequency of use and friction with the garage door track and pressure that is mounted on the rollers.

    Steel Rollers

A garage door roller runs against a garage door track, which is also made of steel. Thus, when there is a lack of lubrication and the tracks get misaligned, the steel tracks will scratch the surface of the rollers.  

Steel rollers are also prone to corrosion when they are exposed to the elements which can make them become noisy.

However, corrosion aside, steel is obviously a harder material than nylon, so some installers would agree that steel rollers last a lot longer than their nylon counterparts.  In fact, they can last for more than 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance.

Nylon Rollers

Nylon rollers stand out in their ability to withstand the elements, especially during the wet season and winter.  They do not rust when they get wet hence they are very ideal to use for car wash businesses and high-humid areas that are prone to corrosion.

A number of installers would choose nylon rollers as the more durable type because aside from being less susceptible to moisture damage, they are as strong as steel and they require less maintenance if they have sealed ball bearings.  

What makes nylon outstand steel in durability is when they are used with more ball bearings that allow weight to be more evenly distributed.

Cost of Garage Door Rollers

The cost of rollers for and garage door repair service will depend on the presence and number of ball bearings.

Steel garage rollers cost a little less than nylon ones, considering the same size, style, and type.  Steel rollers are more readily and easier to manufacture.

Nylon rollers are more costly because they usually require more ball bearings than their steel counterparts.  Some installers would argue that nylon rollers are less expensive in the long run and end up paying for themselves in just a few years because of their long lifespan.

The Aesthetics of Garage Door Rollers

If newly installed both steel and nylon rollers will look good on your garage door.  However, for sleek and modern residential garage doors, nylon rollers are recommended because they do not rust and they enhance the clean lines of modern garage door designs.  

When steel rollers begin to rust and the damage is not attended to, they will definitely ruin the aesthetics of your garage door

Noise Level

Rollers that are made with nylon aren’t as noisy as the ones made of steel.  So if you want as little noise and vibration as possible when opening and closing your garage door, choose the nylon rollers because they are stable, they absorb vibrations and are much energy efficient.

The presence of ball bearings on nylon rollers makes them extra quiet and their exposure makes them easier to be lubricated.  If you use double sealed nylon rollers for heavy residential garage doors, you get the ideal deal of longevity and cost-effectiveness even if they are more expensive.

Steel rollers are naturally noisier than nylon rollers.  They can even cause more noise when they rust and the wheel causes cracks or damage and the roller hits parts of the track that they aren’t supposed to.


Steel rollers need more maintenance because of their susceptibility to rust.  They need more frequent lubrication to keep them working in shape.  You will need to look after them several times a year as to the once-yearly look-out for nylon rollers. You can check DIY tips on how to inspect your garage door to save money in hiring specialists to do it for you.

Steel or Nylon Garage Door Roller?

You can ultimately make your choice to either use steel or nylon rollers depending on your preferences and the environment where you are in.  For a garage door repair in Beaverton, both are excellent choices, but you have to weigh the benefits of each.