June 15, 2024


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Time to decorate the Christmas tree!

The smell of delicious food being cooked in the kitchen, the sound of children laughing, people exchanging gifts and people singing carols are things one looks forward to. In addition, the Christmas tree and its ornaments play a huge part in Christmas celebrations and can match the theme of the Christmas table decorations UK provides. Many retailers like Next offer a large range of Christmas-themed items, allowing one to find something to suit them and their taste. So before decorating for Christmas, do any home improvement projects before your guests come over. 

Christmas tree history.

The Germans started the concept of the Christmas tree in the early 16th century. A few arranged wood in a pyramid formation to resemble a tree with candles and evergreens. The reason for evergreens is to keep witches and evil spirits away. A minister then introduced candles on the tree to represent twinkling stars. Today’s trees are decorated with ornaments and bright lights.

Types of ornaments.

The types of ornaments on the Christmas tree depending on the family and their traditions. Some families stick to colour themes and decorate their trees accordingly, while others prefer traditional decorations and put everything they have on the tree. Some follow the tradition of buying a new tree decoration yearly. One gets ornaments in the form of baubles, candy canes, figurines, angels, Santa, presents, bells and more. They are generally made of plastic. However, there, one can also purchase more fragile decorations which are made of glass. Today polymer clay decorations are growing in popularity as one can make cute Christmas figurines from this material. 

Some beautiful Christmas tree ornaments

One popular Christmas ornament seen at most retailers this year is the Christmas gnome. The decoration is made of fabric, and it hands on the tree by its hat, and his face peeps out under it. The big white, fluffy beard resembles Santa’s and keeps in line with the Christmas theme. Porcelain decorations are also very popular, and many angels and Christmas fairies inspired by the Nutcracker are available in this material. It is then painted bright colours to attract attention when hanging on the Christmas tree. In addition, the traditional plastic-coloured Christmas baubles are always in fashion, and when combined in the correct colour groups with the fairy lights sparkling off them, it looks magical. Be sure to choose ones with a sheen on them if you want them to pick up the light’s reflection. Snow globe decorations are beautiful ornaments that will be the focal point of any Christmas tree. These ornaments resemble the snow globe. However, they can hang on the tree. They are typically made of plastic or glass and extremely fragile, so handle them with care. The Christmas topper is the most beautiful ornament. It is usually a star, and one can find many options at retailers. From various colours to stars with glitter, stars of metal and even star with mirrors. It is the ornament that will steal the show. Lastly, personalised ornaments are a huge trend this year, the most typical being a bauble with one’s name printed. So get the family together and start decorating your Christmas tree!