July 25, 2024


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Tips On How to Look After Your Fencing

A wooden fence is a fantastic way to mark the perimeter of your property without sacrificing on the aesthetic appeal of your home. Strong and durable, a wooden fence will protect your home from weather damage, keep your children and pets safely on your property, deter vandals and thieves and increase the privacy of your property, but in order to make the most of your investment and ensure the longevity of your structure, you need to take care of your fence. 

UK Home Improvement are here to help; here we present some of our top tips on how to look after your fencing.

Tips On How to Look After Your Fencing

Use A Wood Preserver

Applying a water-repellent wood preserver will prevent your wood from becoming weakened by exposure to water and the rain, which can cause the wood to rot. This will ensure your fence remains strong and sturdy for longer. A good preserver will also repel insects, which can chew or damage the wood and cause unsightly damage.

Keep Your Foliage Trimmed

Any bushes, shrubs or trees with overhanging branches in close proximity to the fence should be trimmed regularly to prevent them from leaning on the fence. Additional weight, such as that from overgrown foliage, will increase the strain on the fence and weaken the wood, making breakages much more likely.

Repair Broken Posts Or Panels

Over time, it’s likely that your fence will become damaged in some way, whether that’s from volatile weather, accidental damage or simply old age. If you notice a broken panel or post, it’s vitally important that you repair the broken section as soon as possible. Not only does a broken section of your fence reduce the security of your premises, it can put extra strain on the panels neighbouring the broken section as they take the weight of the broken structure, which could cause further breakages.

You can use a strong wood glue to repair minor damages, but if the section is too far gone to be repaired this way, you can replace the broken panel or post at a relatively low cost and extend the life of your existing fence much further, saving you the added expense of a whole new structure.

Stain The Fence

You should stain your fence about once a year. Adding a stain will breathe new life into the wood, making it look newer and more attractive, and you can opt for a stain that offers UV protection to prevent the sun from fading the pigments in the paint that can cause it to age prematurely.

Replace Your Broken Fence

If your fence is very old, and you find yourself carrying out maintenance more regularly than you should be, it may be time to invest in a new structure that will be much more low maintenance, and more secure. 

Remember if you’re struggling with doing any of these tasks to keep your fence in top condition always consider using professional fencing contractors.