July 20, 2024


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When An Artist Decorates My House For The Holidays –

Sarah takes recycled surfboards that she finds and creates beautiful murals. Here is a surfboard featured in another client’s home.

My friend Sarah is the president and founder of Ballantines PR, a successful and award-winning public relations firm. After arriving in LA in 1999, she fell in love with Palm Springs and decided to make the move from London to Los Angeles. Her first project was purchasing a run-down Palm Springs hotel and renovating it into a fabulous getaway. Due to the success of that project, her career in publicity and hospitality organically aligned.

However, her passion for art and painting began with her mom who is also a successful painter. It was a challenge to find a gallery that would display her work. So she figured why not combine her passion for public relations and art?  Sarah created a studio space in her home for when inspiration strikes. She also uses it as a form of therapy. Her artwork has been featured in galleries and exhibitions in Los Angeles. Her goal for the next chapter in her life is to focus more on her art career.

A closer look at my holiday table featuring my artwork by Sarah Robarts.

I fell so in love with her work and was lucky enough to be gifted one of her pieces for my home.She said pick anything you like and I immediately picked that piece and she brought it to my house for me 5 years ago. You may have seen it on Instagram and Facebook over time, but I wanted to highlight her work. Now that the holidays are around the corner, I thought it was a great way to inspire you all. Custom pieces are great gift ideas for someone special in your life.

Check out Sarah’s Instagram for more artwork.