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16 boot trays to keep your shoes from making a mess

Say goodbye to drippy, slippy mudrooms.

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A few weeks ago, it snowed for several days straight here in New England, and when the clouds finally cleared, my entryway was covered in dried up salt puddles from our boots. I promptly went onto Amazon and purchased a boot tray, and it arrived just in time for us to get clobbered with another storm a few days later. The difference was that our entryway stayed much tidier, as we had somewhere to put our snowy, salty boots.

No one is pretending that a boot tray is a glamorous purchase, but they do make life a bit easier, especially if you live somewhere that gets lots of snow or rain. Whether you’re looking for a cheap, utilitarian boot tray or something more attractive to pull together your entryway, here are 18 options that will help keep your floors clean.

1. A simple, affordable option for your mudroom

This boot tray is simple and affordable--what more could you ask for?

If function is your top priority (I know it was for me), the Multy Home Boot Tray is simple, straightforward, and cheap. The tray is made from black polypropylene and measures 28 inches long and 14.5 inches deep, allowing you to fit two or three pairs of shoes on it, and it can simply be hosed off when it needs cleaning. To be honest, there’s not much else to say about this boot tray—it’s truly a no-frills option, and you can’t beat the price.

Get the Multy Home Boot Tray from Bed Bath & Beyond for $5.99

2. This indoor-outdoor tray with a pretty interior design

Go ahead and use this rubber tray outside. It won't crack!

The BirdRock Home Rubber Boot Tray features an ornate design on the bottom of the tray, which means it will look nice in your home, even when there aren’t shoes in it. The tray is 34 inches long and 14 inches deep, and it has a sizable 2-inch lip that keeps any water from spilling out. The durable rubber construction can be used outdoors without worry of cracking, and the tray is actually quite hefty, so it won’t slide around too much.

Get the BirdRock Home Rubber Boot Tray from Amazon for $34.96

3. A metal tray with an attractive copper finish

This pretty copper tray will brighten up your entryway.

Some boot trays are purposefully nondescript as to not draw attention, but the Good Directions Circles Boot Tray takes the opposite approach with its eye-catching copper finish. The tray is made from powder-coated galvanized steel with foot pads on the bottom to prevent sliding, and it’s 34 inches long and 14 inches deep with a 2-inch lip. There’s a geometric raised-relief design on the bottom of the tray to help boots drain, and the copper finish will add a stylish, elegant touch to any space.

Get the Good Directions Circles Boot Tray from QVC for $49.67

4. A tray that looks like a rug—and has a cute pineapple on it

Because who doesn't love pineapples?

If you don’t like the appearance of regular boot trays, this option from Frontgate looks more like a doormat. The Water & Dirt Shield Pineapple Boot Tray is made from antistatic polypropylene with a slip-resistant backing, and it has deep channels around the edges to trap moisture and dirt. However, the best part—aside from the fun pineapple motif—is the low-profile design that allows (most) doors to clear the mat.

Get the Water & Dirt Shield Pineapple Boot Tray from Frontgate for $29

5. A pretty handmade wooden boot tray

This lovely wooden tray is handcrafted, so each one is unique.

The Rustic Wooden Boot Tray would make a stately addition to any mudroom, thanks to its lovely handcrafted design. The tray is made from rough-sawn pine and is 36.5 inc
hes long and 17 inches deep with 4-inch walls to trap water from your shoes. It comes in two finishes, and the brand recommends using it with the Everyspace Recycled Waterhog Boot Mat as a liner.

Get the Rustic Wooden Boot Tray from L.L. Bean for $119

6. A two-tier tray for double the storage

Store twice as many shoes on this double-decker tray.

A single boot tray may not be enough for all your family’s shoes, in which case you’ll need something like this two-level shoe organizer. The inexpensive solution features two stacked polypropylene trays, each of which is 28.5 inches long and 15 inches deep. The two-tier design will allow you to store twice as many boots, and how can you resist that low price?

Get the 2-Tier Boot and Shoe Organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99

7. An elegant gold tray that’s worth the splurge

This beautiful metal boot tray is as stylish as they come.

A “pretty boot tray” might seem like an oxymoron, but the Brooke Boot Tray proves it’s possible. This elegant tray is crafted from metal and you can choose between a gold or black finish. The tray is supported by a detailed frame for a more attractive exterior, and the whole thing is 24 inches long and 14 inches deep, allowing you to store two or three pairs of shoes in it.

Get the Brooke Boot Tray from Anthropologie for $158

8. A super simple solution that’s easy to clean

You can simply rinse this boot tray off when it gets dirty.

Boot trays will inevitably need cleaning—after all, their whole purpose is to capture dirt, water, and salt from your shoes. Thankfully, the Mainstays All Purpose Boot Tray is easy to care for thanks to its durable polypropylene design. The tray is 29 inches long and 15 inches deep with two small handles for lifting, and it has raised track marks on the bottom to promote draining. When it’s time to clean the tray, simply rinse it off in your sink or with a hose, then let it air dry and it will be good as new.

Get the Mainstays All Purpose Easy Clean Boot Tray from Walmart for $4.64

9. A translucent tray that will blend into your decor

These clear trays won't draw attention to themselves.

Don’t want your boot tray to be the center of attention when you walk in the door? This option from The Container Store comes in a translucent option that’s more discreet, and it will keep your floors clean thanks to the lip around the edges. The tray is just under 28 inches long and 14 inches deep, and it’s also available in a black finish, if that’s more your style.

Get the Boot Tray from The Container Store for $9.99

10. This super cheap top-rated tray from IKEA

If you're looking for an affordable tray, look no further.

This boot tray from IKEA costs less than a plate of their famous Swedish meatballs. The BAGGMUCK Show Tray is made from polypropylene, and it has a simple gray design with raised spots and a lip around the edges. The tray is 28 inches long and 14 inches deep, and it gets top marks from reviewers, who say it comfortably accommodates three or four pairs of shoes.

Get the BAGGMUCK Shoe Tray from IKEA for $3.99

11. A simple tray that comes in several sizes

These simple trays are available in three sizes.

If you’re looking for a boot tray with specific measurements, the Home-Man Multi-Purpose Tray comes in several sizes, ranging from 20 to 30 inches long. (All the sizes are 15 inches deep, though.) The
trays are made from recycled polypropylene, and they have a raised edge to contain dirt and moisture. Many people even use these trays for other purposes, including to hold pet water dishes or show shovels.

Get the Home-Man Multi-Purpose Boot Tray from Amazon for $23.95

12. A fancy metal two-tiered option

For a high-end storage solution, this two-level tray is the way to go.

This high-end boot tray is an all-in-one entryway solution thanks to its two-tier design and extra features. The metal design is available in several elegant patterns and finishes, while its sturdy iron frame includes hooks for gloves and hats as well as a designated slot for umbrellas with a drip pan underneath. The boot trays themselves are 34 inches long by 14 inches deep, and you can choose to use both levels for shoes or put your purse and other accessories on the top tier.

Get the Ballard Double Boot Trays from Ballard Designs for $242.10

13. This handmade wooden tray that you can customize

You get to select the color of your boot tray.

The beauty of shopping on Etsy is that many sellers will customize products to perfectly suit your needs, and that’s exactly the case with this boot storage tray. It’s handcrafted from wood with two metal handles on either end and it comes with a heavy duty removable rubber liner. The tray is 36 inches long by 15 inches deep and you’re able to choose the color you want it: either stained or painted. The seller even offers “complete customization” if you need a specific size—expect to pay an extra fee for this option, though.

Get the Boxwood Woodworking Boot Storage Tray from Etsy for $118.50

14. A beautiful galvanized steel tray

This galvanized metal tray has a pretty mottled appearance.

This galvanized metal boot tray has a distinctly farmhouse vibe that would look lovely in your mudroom or entryway. The tray is made from galvanized gray steel, which gives it the signature mottled appearance, and it’s 30 inches long and 13 inches deep. It has a raised lip around the edges as well as foot pads to prevent slipping, making it every bit as functional as it is attractive.

Get the Galvanized Boot Tray from Pottery Barn for $59

15. An extra-large tray to hold the whole family’s shoes

This oversized tray can be used as a trunk liner, if you want!

If your family has more boots than you know what to do with, this Jumbo Boot Tray is one of your best options for storage. The oversized tray is over 43 inches long and 23 inches deep, giving you plenty of space to store numerous pairs of shoes. These trays are made from recycled plastic, and reviewers have found all sorts of innovative uses for them, including plant trays, car liners, and more.

Get the Jumbo Boot Tray from Gardener’s Supply Company for $26.95

16. A high-end two-tier wooden boot tray

This handsome wooden boot tray is sure to earn you compliments.

This two-level boot tray would definitely help to anchor your entryway, all while helping to keep it clean. It’s handmade from rough-sawn pine planks and available in two finishes, and each tray is 37 inches long and 17 inches deep, allowing you to store three or more pairs of shoes on each level. The trays have a raised border to contain mess, but keep in mind that you may want to line it with a mat for better drainage.

Get the Rustic Wooden Two Tier Boot Tray from L.L. Bean for $249

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