June 13, 2024


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Spotlight: Meet Francesca Vallardi From Stone Connection SA


Now we have the satisfaction of speaking to Francesca Vallardi, the General Supervisor of Stone Link SA, about their rising brand and the earth of purely natural stone. With 11 branches in South Africa, Stone Link imports and distributes only the highest quality stone and quartz.

Notify us about the historical past of Stone Connection Team and its brands…

Stone Relationship has been on the marketplace for above 20 many years. It was procured in the late 90s to become the distribution arms in South Africa by the Finstone Team which was an already proven quarrying and manufacturing business, completing the everyday living cycle of stones. Later, Stone Relationship as a brand name expanded and now has branches in Europe and in the United states.

What is the philosophy of the manufacturer?

There are two important phrases that we use to determine the enterprise, “freedom to create” and “from the quarries to you”. The business aims to help and educate customers about the limitless alternatives of stones by letting your creativity choose the lead! And understanding the material is pivotal!

Do you adhere to developments in sourcing for the South African sector?

We do! that is why we are avid visitors of SA Decor weblogs!

We’re obtaining much more and more consumers anticipate corporations to have a sustainability aim. What is Stone Connection undertaking to address this?

We are component of a team that always strives to regard the surroundings we work in. And we are making a line of landscape items applying the offcuts of our stones. For a long time, this has been regarded waste but in simple fact, it is magnificent substance!

What is the magic formula guiding your merchandise that tends to make specifying your collections a should?

Well, when it arrives to natural stones it is definitely the unicity of the slabs. No stone can be identical to a further and that is form of the unreplicable autograph of Mom Character herself! The stones explain to us the background of time written in stones. Every ripple in the stone texture, every colour change, and every modification represents an celebration that occurred tens of millions of several years back. And you can have them there, in your properties.

What is your personal favourite piece in your current collections and why?

I have a tender spot for Italian marble and Nero Impala granite. They represent my motherland and my adoptive land. And both of those have the attribute of becoming functional for diverse variations.

As an expert in the subject, what is the greatest tips you have to present when selecting stone?

Stones value considerably less than you assume! Stone life a very prolonged existence. We are however admiring the marbles of historic Greece and we stroll on roadways made from cobblestones throughout the Roman empire. Can any other materials do the similar in the prolonged run?

What would you think about the key challenge that stonemasonry faces?

The principal challenge is the sector becoming invaded by unlawfully quarried stones that have been created cheaply at the price tag of the safety and welfare of employees all over the planet. Quarrying respectfully and legitimately is additional high-priced but is also the only way to do it!

Is purely natural stone nonetheless a pretty suitable preference of creating materials for modern homes and why?

More than ever! With much more and a lot more men and women getting environmentally-cautious, all-natural stone ensures a negligible footprint. Consequently, the consumers are intrigued in cutting down the pollution and the influence of their making. The green-creating is a branch of architecture that is getting paramount all close to the entire world!

Any collaborations or projects you are operating on?

Many, but one particular in particular is #theshowroomchallenge that we have promoted. A youthful designer has won the option to design our first showroom in Johannesburg. We are now finalising the venture and quickly will be completely ready to welcome our shoppers

Do you have a very best-beloved merchandise in your own house that incorporates stone? If so, can you inform us what it is?

As an Italian mum, the kitchen area is the focal position of all relatives lifetime. And guess what? My kitchen area countertop is created of Greek white marble! Excellent to put together pizza dough!

Stone Link offers shoppers with an unique assortment of more than 80 unique forms of purely natural stone and quartz, technically reconstituted stones offered in numerous colors. As the primary nationwide distributor in the stone business, they offer the best quality of exclusive granite, marble, sandstone, quartz and onyx in a large assortment of colors, finishes and sizes.

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