June 15, 2024


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The Many Beautiful Beaches of Sardinia

Before you book your villa in Sardinia you will undoubtedly be thinking about just where to go. Many people visit this perennially popular Italian island in order to enjoy a superb beach holiday. Indeed, if this is your goal you will not be disappointed. Here are some of the top beaches that Sardinia has to offer. Cala Luna This may not be the easiest beach to get to in villas in bangalore Sardinia but the journey is well worth the effort. You will find it tucked in the north western reaches of the island.

Many Italian families take their holidays here, which should tell you something about its genuine appeal. The crescent-shaped beach has the advantage of soaring limestone cliffs behind it, further adding to its stunning appearance. Li Coggi When you leave your villa in Sardinia for the day you want to know you have a gorgeous beach nearby. If you choose to stay in the Porto Cervo area, towards the north eastern corner of the island, you’ll be rewarded with the Li Coggi beach.

The waters are lovely and shallow here and unbelievably blue, so they are popular with families and ideal for more nervous swimmers to enjoy too. Su Giudeu If this beach in southern Sardinia seems familiar when you visit it, don’t be too surprised. It has been used in several films and adverts, thanks to its picture perfect appearance. The beach consistently comes up as one of the best ones on the entire island, so if your villa in Sardinia happens to be nearby, take the time to visit for a day at least.

La Pelosa The clear, clean waters here will make all but the most reluctant swimmers bypass relaxing on the beach altogether in favour of a relaxing dip. You will enjoy the fine, white sands too, as you recline on this wonderful location in the far north western corner of Sardinia. Goloritze This beach can be found on the eastern coastline of Sardinia. When you find a beach situated on a coastline that is regarded as a treasure by those who live there, you know you have struck gold.

Leave behind your villa in Sardinia for the day in favour of a relaxing few hours on this particular beach, with its gorgeously clear waters and soft sands. How do you choose the best beach for your needs? When considering the best beaches to visit on the island it is best to choose the area you want to stay in first.

Many parts of the island have more than one beach to offer, so if you choose wisely you can be sure of having your choice of several beaches to visit during your stay. As you can see from the above highlights, there are plenty of them that are popular among thousands of visitors every single year, showing off the island at its very best. So which beaches will you see in person when you go to Sardinia this year? Start counting…