July 14, 2024


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25 Modern Backyard Home Office Sheds You Wouldn’t Want to Leave

Remote work becomes more and more popular each year, encompassing ever more professions that don’t require workers to be at the office to perform their duties. And so does the rise of home office pods that you can plonk inside your garden, and enjoy working in peace and quiet. 

25 Modern Backyard Home Office Sheds You Wouldn’t Want to Leave

As far as modern outdoor home office sheds go, you can now choose from a wide assortment of cubicles that you wouldn’t want to leave.

Backyard Office Sheds You’ll Love

Looking like tiny little homes, garden office pods are self-sufficient, productive spaces where you can make a living and create, think, and ponder.

1. Tiny and Efficient Office Shed

 25 Modern Backyard Home Office Sheds You Wouldnt Want to Leave
Sett Studio garden office

Sett Studio designed such a backyard office to not only be stylish but also energy-efficient thanks to Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs). A tall window provides views of the garden, while the solid wall street fences off the busy street.

The beauty of having your own working studio is, obviously, that it eliminates commute. But it’s not only saved time you gain. You can also order a garden office pod design that will accommodate your every need like additional space for meeting with clients or a separate room for resting.

This pod was designed for a professional photographer to remove distractions as well as provide some space to receive clients and do small shoots.

2. Small and Modern Outdoor Home Office Sheds

Small and Modern Outdoor Home Office Sheds
Wooden garden office by Backyard Room

Backyard Room decided to combine functionality and natural aesthetic in this tiny office shed project. It is not only surrounded with greenery, it is planted with it, which creates an intimate and fairytale-like retreat.

Small pod is enough to house a desk and a couple of chairs. Outside, there is an adjoining terrace and a bench for productivity-raising breaks and post-lunch naps.

3. Narrow Office Shed

Narrow Office Shed
Garden Studio by Serge Schoemaker Architects

A long narrow garden isn’t a problem for a custom design. Garden Studio in Bussum is a narrow unit that acts as a study, a guest house, and a storage place.

Aside from fitting perfectly into the allocated space, the studio has a design that corresponds with the neighboring buildings, but not without a modern touch.

4. Cozy Mini Pod Office Shed

Cozy Mini Pod Office Shed
Custom Mini Pod by Pod Space

Although their price can reach up to $30,000, the office pods may well be worth it as a temporary (or permanent) office space or studio for your business. It doesn’t have to be big.

This small office shed was built for a chartered structural engineer, and reportedly paid off.

5. Wooden Office Shed

Wooden Office Shed
Office in My Garden pod

The modern outdoor home office sheds market has grown so much that you don’t need to buy prefabricated catalog models. You can have your own design built by professionals, who specialize in construction and carpentry like Paul Winters of Office in My Garden.

Winters offers custom design as well as a portfolio rich in different types of units combining modern design and practical sensibilities.

6. Modern Outdoor Home Office Shed With Wood Plank Siding

Modern Outdoor Home Office Shed With Wood Plank Siding
Garden office pod by Green Studios

Wooden plank siding is the most attractive thing in the world. And it seems like office pod manufacturers know it better than anyone.

Even the most modern office will look inviting and stylish with this type of siding. Just look at this Green Studios garden office pod.

7. Sleek Backyard Office Shed

Sleek Backyard Office Shed
Office pavilion that doubles as a yoga studio by Neil Dusheiko Architects

These are also easier to fit with more traditional or simply older modern architecture. Sleekness and simplicity of such design works wonders in any style.

Bold glass inclusions like in this office-yoga studio by Neil Dusheiko bring contemporaneity to simple wooden structures.

8. Garden Office Shed

Garden Office Shed
Office shed with bike storage by Green Studios

A garden office shed can be repurposed for storage and additional needs like a workout room or a guest house.

A professional photographer, Ben Rice commissioned Green Studios to build him a garden room, where he could keep his kit as well as work. Ample space within the structure further provides multiple changeable options.

9. Minimalist Modern Outdoor Home Office Shed

Minimalist Modern Outdoor Home Office Shed
Garden office with a green roof by Waind Gohil Architects

At the very least your garden office can double as a roof garden. It’s not purely decorative, mind you, a green roof is a great way to insulate a pod that stands in a sunny spot.

Surrounding yourself with greenery is a good way to create a perfect creativity-inducing retreat as well.

10. Private Backyard Office Shed

Private Backyard Office Shed
Inoutside backyard office

Australian magazine called Inoutside designed an entire collection of modern outdoor home office sheds. You can see a glimpse of what’s on offer in this Cooba unit.

Enclosed in wooden plank siding, the office looks stylish and modern with its modest black steel-framed windows and glazed doors.

11. Contemporary Large Office Shed

Contemporary Large Office Shed
Modern office shed by Peter Guthrie

Peter Guthrie imagined a clean contemporary modern office in the garden without any unnecessary details or elements. Just the walls, the roof, and some natural light.

We like the simplicity of the project that focuses on work and eliminates distractions. There is just a thin glass transom for resting your eyes without needing to get up every fifteen minutes.

12. Comfy Backyard Office Shed

Comfy Backyard Office Shed
Micro Max Pod by Pod Space

Another project from Pod Space is Micro Max Pod that flies under $20,000 mark. Although small, it offers a feature you wouldn’t find even in the comfiest office – underfloor heating. Ever dreamed of working without your shoes on?

The rest of the bill includes a full height window and a glazed door, Siberian larch cladding, and white micro-porous paint interior.

13. Modern Outdoor Office Shed With Louvre System

Modern Outdoor Office Shed With Louvre System
Modernist garden office by KitHaus

Many of the modern outdoor home office sheds remind us of those trendy tiny houses. Seriously, it looks like one could live in these offices.

KitHaus specialize in small homes, but some of their sheds would make perfect garden offices like this one from K4 Series. Turns out tiny structures are more versatile than they look.

14. Shaded Office Shed 

Shaded Office Shed 
Garden pavilion guest house and office by BLOOT Architecture

BLOOT Architecture combine living space with a home office, and they did it under permit-free construction limits.

The result is a brick cube-like structure with a timber facade and a Louvre system that provides more privacy for the guests, and eliminates visual distractions for the working residents.

15. Glass Office Shed

Glass Office Shed
Garden office by Cube Life

Cube Life offer their expertise in garden building along with modern home office model designs that are so good, you could hold meetings in them.

This particular shed is like no other, as it features glass walls all around, but when you need to shut out all the distractions, a louvre system is there to provide comfort.

16. Contemporary Backyard Office Shed

Contemporary Backyard Office Shed
Sky Pod by George Nijland

Another one of Pod Space designs was conceived by George Nijland. It’s difficult to find a more contemporary, sophisticated, and stylish garden office shed.

A small Louvre system looks more decorative than practical, but you’ll never lack natural light with that generous skylight in the middle of the pod’s ceiling.

17. Contemporary Style Garden Office Sheds

Contemporary Style Garden Office Sheds
Studio Shed

If wood doesn’t suit your new contemporary house, then perhaps a design from Studio Shed’s Signature Series would make a fitting addition to your yard?

Made of Zip System weatherproof wall panels and corrugated Galvalume roofing, these sheds are built to last a lifetime, or at least that’s what the firm promises.

18. Tiny Office Shed

Tiny Office Shed

Want your office to have a futuristic or space ship-like aesthetic? OfficePOD is the perfect candidate, as it looks like a small ship’s cabin, designed just for work.

The POD was designed to eliminate distractions so expect decent soundproofing and sleek interior design.

19. Glass Cube Office Shed

Glass Cube Office Shed
Harwyn Office Pod

Harwyn is, too, an extraordinary office pod that challenges the rules of garden offices themselves. Its sleek and minimal design is more contemporary than modern.

Built with a double-layer protective system, the Harwyn cubicle is weatherproof, but you can add features like remote control blinds, a heating panel, and many others when choosing your design.

20. Whimsical Office Shed

Whimsical Office Shed
Shoffice by Platform 5 Architects

Combining shed and office in more than just the name, Platform 5 Architects created something more than your run-of-the-mill garden office for a 1950’s terraced house in St. John’s Wood, London. Its curvilinear shape, that was intended to fit organically with the natural environment, creates pockets of space for work and rest, and bears a cool retro futuristic aesthetic.

21. Versatile Office Shed

Versatile Office Shed

Also from Studio Shed, we have the Summit series which comes in several formats. You can go for a bathroom and a small kitchen, a bathroom and a large kitchen, or only a bathroom and a large open space. After all, it’s up to you and your needs. 

The office shed comes with top of the line bathroom amenities, sturdy flooring, a tankless water heater, and HVAC, to name a few. The kitchen is also fully equipped if you choose to have one. 

22. A-Frame Home Office Shed

If you want an office shed that looks like a small home, then one from Sheds Unlimited will certainly do the trick. The one we’re proposing comes with an A-frame, and vinyl shutters. Depending on the size, it will cost you between $4,000 and $8,300 to get this one in your garden. 

Then, you’re going to have to invest a bit to transform this beautiful shed into an actual office. Nonetheless, it’s just a bit of DIY work. 

23. Friendly Office Shed

Friendly Office Shed

Another cool option is to get your office shed from Stoltzfus Structures which gives you plenty of customization options, allowing you to pick the doors, the windows, flooring, roof, and so on. 

The floors are insulated so you don’t have to worry about being too cold, the walls and ceiling insulation will help you enjoy the shed year-round. 

24. She Shed or Office Shed?

She Shed or Office Shed?

This time around, the office shed doubles as a she shed for one lucky customer. It’s the place where she works on her art and that also serves as a much-needed workspace. 

Created by Tuff Shed, the build features four windows, a beautiful door, and it’s super easy to set up. 

25. Modern Office Shed

office shed

The folks from Modern Shed are ready to help you build your perfect office shed, with just the right size, the format you need for your backyard, and so on. 

It’s possible to choose how many windows you want, what shape they should have, whether to have an awning, what the walls should be made of, and on and on. It’s a dream come true for everyone who wants to micromanage the project. 

Final Thoughts on Backyard Office Sheds

There is nothing quite like working in a peaceful green garden within a few feet of your own home. Modern outdoor home office sheds allow that separation to be as convenient and painless as possible.