April 21, 2024


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An interior designer shares 11 of the best home-decor items to get at Target this month

target interior design march

Insider asked an interior designer about the best March home-decor finds at Target. Target

  • An interior designer shared her favorite home-decor products available at Target this March.

  • The chain’s throw blanket and floral pillows are great accents for nearly any space.

  • The minimalist armchair and woven pouf are both versatile and functional.

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Target has just about everything you need, including beautiful home goods and accessories that even design professionals love.

To help you find the best pieces the chain has to offer, Insider asked Cara Newhart, interior designer and host of the podcast Make Space, to share her favorite home-decor items available at Target this month.

Read on to see her top picks for March.

Rework your current layout by integrating this minimalist, wooden armchair.

target armchair

This armchair is both trendy and functional. Target

Newhart told Insider that this tufted, wooden armchair is trendy and affordable. With neutral tones and clean lines, it can seamlessly and functionally integrate into almost any living room.

“It’s also upholstered, because after a year at home, if there is one thing we know well, it’s comfort,” Newhart said.

She added that this chair can also help to slightly rework your current furniture layout so your space can feel fresh after all this time at home.

Reduce clutter in your home with this wood-stone tray from Target.

target wood tray

This tray could work in just about any room. Target

Newhart said trays are amazing for grouping smaller items together and reducing visual clutter, so she recommended this decorative wood-stone option from Target.

“I love this stone tray as a tabletop accent or to corral skin care on your vanity,” the designer said. “The lip is perfect for keeping smaller items inside.”

Add texture and functionality to your space with this woven pouf.

target woven pouf

This pouf’s color and texture can match nearly any space. Target

Poufs add the trifecta of texture, function, and nuance to your space, according to Newhart. This option has a gorgeous woven, natural exterior that compliments almost any color scheme.

“It has a rounded s
ilhouette, which can help break up boxy edges in your space — for example, if you have a rectangle coffee table and squared-off couch,” Newhart told Insider.

Additionally, there’s a bottom zipper so you can add extra stuffing over time if it begins to flatten with use.

Get your space ready for spring with floral throw pillows.

target floral throw pillow

This throw pillow is available in two colors. Target

A bright pillow is a perfect, yet subtle way to spruce up your space for spring, and Newhart said this floral option doesn’t disappoint.

You can snag the burnt-orange one for modern, boho spaces or the classic blue choice for more traditionally styled interiors.

Newhart also suggested buying several of these pillows so that you can repeat the same pattern throughout your space and between rooms to make your home feel more cohesive.

Upgrade your space’s lighting with a designer-looking floor lamp.

target lamp

This lamp can be a functional, art-deco addition to your space. Target

If you’re in need of a floor lamp, check out this globe, track-tree option that boasts a designer look for an impressively low price.

Newhart said this lamp is a perfect lighting upgrade for a dimly lit corner and offers art-deco vibes.

“I love the diffused light from the frosted bulbs,” Newhart told Insider. “Plus it’s dimmable to help you customize your lighting throughout the day.”

This love seat is the perfect patio addition.

target wicker love-seat

This product also has matching chairs available for a full patio set. Target

According to Newhart, this wicker, faux-wood love seat is a texture lover’s dream and a beautiful addition to any home, especially as people revamp their spaces to spend more time outside.

It has a steel frame that looks like wood, which makes it weather-resistant. Plus this love seat has matching chairs if you’re looking for a full outdoor furniture set.

You can work from your couch or bed with this stylish tray.

target bed tray

This tray’s legs also fold for easy and compact storage. Target

In case you need another reason not to leave your bed, check out this rattan bed tray that is ideal for catching up on emails, winding down with wine and a book, or studying in comfort.

“Plus rattan is having a moment, so this is a perfect way to work it into your space in an affordable and subtle way,” Newhart told Insider.

This tray’s legs also fold and lock for easy storage.

Upgrade your entryway with this neutral vintage rug.

target rug

This rug is available in two colors and several sizes. Target

Newhart recommended giving your entryway, kitchen, or hallway a subtle upgrade by incorporating this vintage rug.

This distressed piece brings texture and interest in a gorgeous, neutral palette that compliments natural tones like wood, rattan, wicker, and caning, Newhart explained.

It also comes in indigo and all kinds of sizes, but Newhart said her pick is the 7-foot-long runner.

Elevate your art with this simple, yet on-trend gold frame.

target picture frames

This frame is versatile enough for nearly any gallery wall. Target

If you’re looking for an easy way to elevate an art piece or a DIY creation, this minimal, matted-gold frame is a visually interesting solution.

“The gold is on-trend and gently draws the eye to the art as the focal point,” Newhart said.

She added that this frame is affordable enough to build an entire gallery-wall grid out of and a versatile option to add to an already-existing photo spread.

Add visual texture to your space with this beautiful and affordable throw blanket.

target throw blanket

This throw blanket is sold in six colors. Target

This throw blanket can spruce up your space for about $20.

Newhart said it is amazingly soft, has great visual texture, withstands washes, and resists pilling.

Plus this throw also comes in multiple colors, from bold mustard to neutral cream, so there is a shade for any space.

Accent your bedroom with a soothing tranquility candle.

target candle

This candle’s four-wick design results in a smokeless experience. Target

According to Newhart, this candle is a bedroom essential. It smells fresh, yet is soothing without being too overpowering, and the four-wick design touts a smokeless burn.

In addition to its tranquil scent, it boasts a gorgeous jar that transforms this candle from an aromatherapy element into an accent piece.

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