April 21, 2024


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Built-In Pet Crates Are a Smart Hack for Design Lovers

Sure, a few stylish pet crates and covers exist. But if you want a crate that will seamlessly blend into your home’s design and save space, a built-in one might be exactly what you need.

Thankfully, pet crates aren’t intricate—meaning the square or rectangular space you need can be easily carved out underneath cabinets or a staircase. Designer Tish Mills of Harmonious Living turned a nook in an Atlanta home into a pet crate that doubles as decor by adding doors and cushioning underneath a floating desk. A lamp, artwork, and stylish food bowls on top give the space personality. Bonus: The drawers can be used to store treats, leashes, and other pet accessories.

built in dog crate with a dog in it

Built-in dog crate designed by Tish Mills.

Chris Little

If you only plan on using a pet crate for a year or two, a built-in one is still a stellar option—especially if you want extra room in your home for playing with your pup or simply don’t enjoy the look of freestanding crates. Once you no longer need to use it as a crate, you can turn it into a space for storing toys. Or, depending on where it is, you can use it to store blankets, pillows, board games, or cleaning supplies.

Another option? Make it a dedicated pet bed area by removing or leaving the doors open. Designer Emilie Munroe intentionally put a dedicated pet bed area in a California home’s laundry room. “We integrated these little kitty beds and bowls in the cabinetry,” she said.

laundry room in a california home with builtin cat beds

Laundry room in a California home with built-in cat beds.

thomas kuoh

Whether you have a pup in training or want a partially enclosed sleeping area for your pet, built-in crates are a chic option to consider. Say goodbye to pet accessory eyesores!

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