June 16, 2024


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Colorful Springfield home has ‘mid-century vibe’ in Southern Hills

Tanya Bower-Johnson and husband Mark Johnson bought this Southern Hills home in 2019. Since then, they have given it a bold new lease on life.

Tanya Bower-Johnson sells homes for a living.

Her husband, Mark Johnson, remodels homes for a living.

One might think they’d get enough of staging and gutting homes during the day, but the couple just can’t stay still.

They had completed an extensive remodeling job on their Southern Hills home when they felt a tug to explore a home six houses down that had just come on the market.

The mid-century ranch was all original, down to the mahogany woodwork and hardwood floors. It was ripe for a makeover.

Tanya says she was particularly drawn by the home’s ornate double front doors.

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Tanya says she was drawn to the house’s mid-century vibe and the double-door front entry.

“That whole mid-century vibe just kind of attached itself to us,” Tanya says.

As they looked around the house, “Mark is like, ‘That wall can come down and that wall can come down.’ I thought, this is fun,” Tanya recalls.

The couple bought the home in August 2019, rolled up their sleeves and with the help of son Gus, now 9, got busy.

“That’s just our comfort zone,” Tanya says.

They’d hit a pretty good stride just as the pandemic hit.

“Mark said we have plenty of time to do this project because we’re not going to be working. We gutted it and real estate literally exploded because everybody was off work and decided, ‘Let’s go buy a house,’” Tanya says with a laugh.