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Ear And Jaw Pain – Causes, Symptoms, and How To Treat It


Ear and jaw suffering is viewed as key or secondary otalgia depending on its origin. When the soreness is brought on by the buildings of the ear itself, the ear ache is thought of to be of key origin. This is also medically recognized as TMJ ailment.

Among the the triggers of ear and jaw pain, we obtain a huge amount of external ear difficulties, these types of as cellulitis, for example, and other individuals relevant to ear infections, together with ruptured eardrums. It is vital to execute a very good physical examination to rule out doable causes of this discomfort driving ear and jaw.

By observing the external auditory canal, it is probable to observe the pathologies that guide to major otalgia, and if important, refer the client to the otorhinolaryngologist.

This health and fitness difficulty often brings about ear and jaw agony on just one aspect. These diseases are usually caused by strain and stress and anxiety, which make us tense our muscular tissues and clench our teeth.

We progress to analyze the traits of jaw and ear discomfort, indications, remedies, and guidelines.


ear and jaw pain ear and jaw pain on one side, pain behind ear and jaw
Ear and jaw soreness


Results in of the jaw and ear ache

There are different hypotheses about the character of this problem – none of them totally acknowledged by the scientific local community.

In basic, we can say that there are multiple results in that give increase to diverse forms of alteration. TMJ ailments represent a group, not a solitary dysfunction.

Below is a listing of some of the most typical leads to.


tmj ear pain, tmj symptoms ear, ear infection jaw pain



Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can have on down the cartilage in the jaw joints, affecting their functionality and leading to agony.

As these diseases are degenerative, signs and symptoms development and worsen.


Jaw injuries

Blows to the jaw, yawning or enamel grinding, and the use of orthodontics or surgical functions can induce ear infection jaw agony.


ear and jaw pain ear and jaw pain on one side, pain behind ear and jaw
Ear and jaw discomfort after biting


Genetic aspects

This condition has been linked to the genetic alteration of the catechol-O-methyltransferase enzyme, which degrades neurotransmitters these as adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine.

Furthermore, predisposition to strain also influences the psychological brings about of TMJ ear ache to a selected extent.


Symptoms of the TMJ disorder

TMJ symptoms ear are soreness, problems moving the mouth, and sounds when going the jaws. There are other signs, but they are significantly less particular to ear and jaw discomfort and as a result less applicable to the diagnosis.


tmj ear pain, tmj symptoms ear, ear infection jaw pain


So, the signs and symptoms of ear and jaw discomfort could consist of the pursuing:


  • Boring ache or tenderness in the joint and encompassing muscle mass of the confront and ears, primarily when chewing and yawning.
  • Limitation in actions and even locking or dislocation of the jaws.
  • Tooth clicking and grinding when going the jaws.
  • Problems these types of as rigidity complications and migraines.
  • Listening to decline or sensation of plugged ears.
  • Tinnitus: noises this kind of as ringing and ringing in the ears.
  • Sore throat, cervical and neck pain, and toothache.


ear and jaw pain ear and jaw pain on one side, pain behind ear and jaw
Enamel grinding


What you can do if you have ear and jaw soreness

First of all, you must go to the specialist medical professional to rule out any issue in the ear. As soon as you have ruled out that the otalgia is of major origin, go to the most suitable specialist.

In this kind of a predicament, if it is equally a temporomandibular problem and a cervical disorder, physiotherapy is the way to go. It is not known if a physiotherapist can act in these scenarios due to their absence of expertise about the origin of this ailment.

Nevertheless, it would seem reasonable to consider that, if the origin of the issue is cervical or temporomandibular, the evaluation and procedure of physiotherapy can be the “cornerstone” to offer with this pathology.


tmj ear pain, tmj symptoms ear, ear infection jaw pain


Distinctive therapies

Scientific investigate has not been able to affirm the results in of the jaw and ear agony or show the success of the treatment options used to take care of it.

There is a specified consensus that it is recommended to begin with the mildest treatments and stay away from surgical procedures.


Jaw exercises

Massage sequence to maximize the assortment of motion of the jaw muscle mass can cut down jaw and ear suffering if carried out on a regular basis.

It is also a fantastic thought to continue to keep your teeth marginally aside to lessen ear and jaw ache on one particular aspect.


ear and jaw pain ear and jaw pain on one side, pain behind ear and jaw
Therapeutic massage for jaw pain



Taking in tender meals is a very good way to preserve your jaws as calm as achievable. This is especially encouraged in scenarios the place the agony is intense. It is also advised to steer clear of chewing gum and try out to yawn gently.


tmj ear pain, tmj symptoms ear, ear infection jaw pain

Psychological tactics

Medical psychology has produced a variety of approaches to lower stress and anxiety and relax the physique.


The use of medication does not clear up ear and jaw soreness in the long phrase but can decrease it. So it is very best to use any of the earlier mentioned strategies only if the suffering is powerful and in mixture with other prolonged-time period therapies and massages.


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