May 19, 2024


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Elevate Your Home Office by Taking a Stand Against Sore Necks

Spearheaded by Niels Diffrient, the industrial designer who dedicated his life to engineering solutions in service of a healthier human body and often cited as the father of ergonomics, the Humanscale quick-reference guide remains a thoughtfully authored resource in understanding the relationships between the objects we interact with and our health. If there is anything from the Humanscale guide applicable to our lives today, it’s the section focused upon the relationship between our heads and a line of sight. Ideally our eyes align with our screens so the head is neither tilted too far upward or downward throughout the day (ever so slightly downward is preferable to upward) – the source of soreness in our neck, shoulders, and back. Alas, many of us operate daily with our necks strained in one direction or another even though the solution is a supremely simple one most of the time. By elevating our screens to eye level, a great deal of bodily stress can be erased.

Compustands Simple Monitor Stand in black with iMac on top with Apple keyboard and mouse.

Which all makes Compustand’s range of computing stands for desktops and laptops a “no-duh” solution. Of course, a pile of books can suffice, but the Simple Monitor Stand is a more elegant approach toward a permanent solution rather than a haphazard fix. We also appreciate it bears a resemblance to the wooden serving platforms used at a sushi bar, except supersized to accommodate monitors and all-in-one desktops in either 30- or 44-inch widths, and in a range of five color options.

Compustands Simple Monitor Stand in blue with iMac on top with Apple keyboard and mouse.

Compustands Simple Monitor Stand in pink with iMac on top with Apple keyboard and mouse.

Compustands Simple Monitor Stand in white with iMac on top with Apple keyboard and mouse.

Compustand Laptop Stand in black finish with MacBook on top with black desk lamp to the right and office chair in right corner.

There’s also a laptop stand with dimensions designed to accommodate for those forgoing an external monitor, but are seeking to bring the laptop screen up to proper eye level.

Compustands Shelf Monitor Stand in natural wood finish with iMac on top and MacBook laptop and small notebooks stowed away in shelf section.

But our favorite design is the 44-inch Shelf Monitor Stand, as it not just elevates the screen to ergonomic eye level, but also offers a sleek and slender addition of storage for items like laptops, tablets, peripherals, and notebooks.

Compustand stands range in price from $49 to $159 depending upon width and depth.

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