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Framework for living: Wooden Box House


The household of architects Mick and Jules Moloney is, in some respects, a little bit like a mullet – enterprise in the front, get together in the again. That’s not to say that the dwelling feels like a questionable hairstyle assertion most effective still left in the 1980s, but instead a literal descriptor of the flooring program: the couple’s architecture studio resides in the front of the 1910 weatherboard home, while the casual and social residing zone of their property opens generously onto the north-dealing with garden at the back.

When they bought the home, found on the primary avenue of Ballarat in Victoria, Mick and Jules of Moloney Architects turned the front two bedrooms into their studio and lived in the remaining rooms at the back again till, three little ones and several a long time later, the space was in dire have to have of an overhaul. The bedrooms and bathrooms at the centre of the property ended up renovated and a new open up-plan kitchen area, dwelling and dining extension was, in Mick’s words, “plugged” on to the back again.

The social, open-plan kitchen is positioned inside a “wooden box” that has been added to the back of a 1910 weatherboard cottage. Artwork: Chris Ingham.

The social, open-prepare kitchen is positioned inside of a “wooden box” that has been extra to the back of a 1910 weatherboard cottage. Artwork: Chris Ingham.


Christine Francis

“Ballarat is a city with a rich architectural legacy and we think in making it possible for outdated and new to sit respectfully,” points out Mick. To this finish, the visually distinctive addition – a cedar-clad picket box – tucks in under the previous roof.

Inside, all-natural materials prevail, from the blackbutt flooring and plywood ceiling to uncovered beams and bookshelves in Victorian ash. Elements were chosen for their durability and cost-success and keep on being unadorned. Kitchen area joinery is designed from black formply, the area of which is a little imperfect – an aesthetic the architects felt was perfectly suited to the practicality of life with young small children in tow. The color and contrast of the formply demarcate the kitchen area from the adjacent dwelling zone. Likewise, the uncovered beams earlier mentioned give the kitchen area and residing locations various personalities and “undress the composition a little bit,” states Mick. These variations in materiality denote a change in perform in a modern-working day interpretation of the compartmentalized rooms of Victorian properties.

A kitchen in robust formply is built to withstand the daily bustle of family life, while an open shelf provides ample storage for plants.

A kitchen area in sturdy formply is crafted to stand up to the day-to-day bustle of relatives lifestyle, while an open shelf offers ample storage for crops.


Christine Francis

The kitchen area format is knowledgeable by the family’s habits. The cooktop is located on the kitchen area island to avert the person carrying out the cooking from obtaining to consistently convert to continue a discussion, when overhead cupboards have been removed in favour of an open shelf for vegetation. “We’re not tall,” clarifies Mick, “so neither of us definitely like overhead cabinets.”

The aesthetic in the relatives lavatory and ensuite is in holding with the new addition. White tiles and black grout on the partitions meet up with bluestone tiling on the flooring and bath cabinets in black formply. In the key lavatory, practicality is punctuated with a pop of colour many thanks to the yellow 1970s pendant rescued from a junk shop. The fantastic yellow became the cue for yellow doorways to the bedrooms and bogs – a sprint of whimsy in a home that doesn’t consider by itself way too very seriously.


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