June 16, 2024


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House for sale in WI looks like a ‘Hobby Lobby’ inside




Screen grab from Zillow

Some houses may look unassuming on the outside, while their interiors take the shape of something that looks completely out of this world.

Take this residence on the real estate market in Onalaska, Wisconsin, for $420,000, for example — the outside looks perfectly average while the inside could be featured in a Target advertisement.

Living room Screen grab from Zillow

This might have to do with the treasure trove of wall decor that splashes nearly every angle of the four-bedroom, three-bathroom home.

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“Secluded and sought after neighborhood close to town with a country feel,” the listing on Zillow.com says. ”Spacious home with large bedrooms, over 1.5 acre yard, excellent views, and a quiet and peaceful setting. All new flooring, kitchen appliances, light fixtures, and equipped with security system.”

Dining area Screen grab from Zillow

Fans of the real estate Facebook page Zillow Gone Wild noticed the difference between the regular exterior and the crafty 3,600-square-foot interior.

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

“Am I the only one actually loving the interior?” one fan asked. “PS. – I agree the bedroom sign would have to go. Easy enough.”

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

“You must really hate signs because these are cute, cool and well done,” another said.

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

“Their family really needs to stop buying the mom gift cards to Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby for every holiday,” one person observed. “That is a totally excessive number of signs and mass produced artwork lol I really like the interior though!”

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

“This is a VERY typical Wisconsin house,” one person pointed out. “Not to out myself but I don’t see this as too bad. Sure there are a few changes I’d do but this is pretty typical to see.”

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

“I gag when I go in the stores and see these signs,” someone said. “I know where everything is I don’t need a sign to advertise all my belongings.”

Bedroom Screen grab from Zillow

“I think this house is adorable, great layout,” another commented. “And all of those crafts will probably go with them. I would love to have this house.”

Bathroom Screen grab from Zillow

“This looks like if Memento was a house – thank goodness you have the reminders for all the rooms,” someone joked.

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

“The outside is drab, no curb appeal and would need to be brightened up,” one person said. “All the signs aside, it’s a nice house on the inside.”

Interior Screen grab from Zillow

Onalaska is about 207 miles northwest of Milwaukee.

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