June 15, 2024


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Maya Romanoff Wallpaper: Handcrafted Perfection

a goldendoodle laying on a brown bed set against gold pearl maya romanoff wallpaper

a goldendoodle laying on a brown bed set against gold pearl maya romanoff wallpaper

Iconic Maya Romanoff Takes Artistry & Beauty to New Heights

This design proverb coined by Maya Romanoff himself sums up the intention behind every Maya Romanoff wallpaper. This aspiration – rather, this calling – has guided every artistic decision at the lauded wallcovering house.   

Since the company’s inception in 1969 and since Maya’s passing in 2014, the team has remained true to his unwavering pursuit of artisanal perfection.

“It’s got to be beautiful. It’s the only thing that really counts,” he said. 

And so it is.

Today Maya Romanoff is the largest manufacturer of handcrafted wallpaper. And now more than ever, there’s plenty of beauty to go around. By the end of 2021, the company will launch more products than any year before. Each of the new designs will cater to various price points, all while living up to the house’s distinctive reputation for innovation, sustainability and durability.  

Perfection is in the Details

Maya Romanoff in the 1970s

For Maya, the focus has always been to craft perfect wallcoverings. This idea of perfection definitely comes to life when you see and touch a Maya Romanoff wallpaper. That’s because the natural and sustainable elements on each panel – from seashells to glass beads to hand-braided hemp – are as alluring and as they are flawless.

Owning a Maya Romanoff wallcovering is like owning a piece of art – one that’s custom-made, just for you. That’s why so many homes, hotels, premier brands and even Hollywood sets have donned Maya Romanoff. Impeccable craftsmanship, high-traffic durability and easy cleanability are the icings on the cake for Maya’s clientele, which includes the likes of Chanel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Waldorf Astoria, Ritz-Carlton, Starbucks and Janet Jackson…to name a few.

Legendary Maya Romanoff Wallcoverings

Maya Romanoff Weathered Metals

This is one of Maya’s first products ever produced, and there’s a reason it remains a bestseller. Maya Romanoff weathered metals glow on walls, thanks to hand-painted metallic pigments that billow across the panels. 

The Famous Mother of Pearl Wallpaper

As a devote Buddhist, Maya had a deep appreciation for natural materials. He sought to artistically illustrate nature’s beauty and integrity. One of the most revered examples of this is his Mother of Pearl collections. These wallcoverings are sustainably made with real mother of pearl carved from oyster shells that would have otherwise been thrown away. And, while you might think this wallcovering would be incredibly delicate, it’s actually highly durable, stain-resistant and easy to install.  


Maya Romanoff was the first to use glass beads on wallcoverings, and they remain the only company that does it right. To make Maya Romanoff’s array of “Beadazzled” wallpaper, genuine clear glass beads are hand-applied onto paper, adding a gorgeous sheen and texture that allows the underlying hue or pattern to shine through.

Cozy Bundle Up

Made as meticulously as a bespoke suit, the “Cozy Bundle Up” collection is fashioned from tightly woven, heathered wool. Ideal for a bedroom, study and foyer, it’s like canvasing walls in a soft, comfy blanket. And the timeless stitched stripes? They’re actually printed – not stitched – using three-dimensional ink.

Ajiro Wood Veneers

The dazzling patterns within the “Ajiro” wallpaper collections are all made from a wood veneer. Again with sustainability in mind, Maya Romanoff uses a tiny portion of a tree to create tissue-thin veneers that contain all the beauty of the wood’s grain. A Japanese tradition is then used to hand-inlay the veneer onto its paper backing, allowing it to cover walls with the same ease and permanence of any wallpaper. Styles range from the popular Chevron to sunbursts to floral inlays.

New Maya Wallpaper Collections

Shimmering Burlap

Made in collaboration with famed architect Andre Kikoski, “Shimmering Burlap” is breathtakingly and uniquely texturized with natural jute and mica crystals. Available in 10 colorways, the hand-colored burlap backing is hand-sprinkled with light-catching mica shavings.

Zen Garden

Inspired by the meditative qualities of Japanese gardens, “Zen Garden” features those famous glass beads racked over colored paper. Texture and interest abound in each of the six earth-toned colorways.

Natural Elements

This sustainable bestseller realistically mimics natural wood, marble, stone and concrete, yet it’s made from a groundbreaking technique of embossing recycled paper. The 18 “Natural Elements” wallcoverings exceed Type II vinyl durability, making it perfect for high-traffic use.  


Reminiscent of an alfresco painting in Rome, the “Fresco” wallpaper pattern is handmade with a sponge to create a layered and textured marbling effect. Matte and metallic hues combine to span nine colorways.

The Maya Romanoff Showroom

Since the loss of Maya, his wife, Joyce Romanoff, has led the family-owned and operated company. Headquartered in Chicago, the wallpaper house is opening a new showroom this year within their Skokie, IL, studio. Clients can soon shop and witness firsthand the artistry that unfolds in their production studio.

As clients watch on, one thing will be obvious: Maya Romanoff’s process requires not only creativity but community. The company’s team-centric culture is a deep-seated initiative instituted by Maya on day one. It’s this collaborative mentality that ensures they make every wall beautiful.  

Every Maya Romanoff wallpaper – including samples – is available for purchase on L.A. Design Concepts. Orders of $200 include free shipping.