June 13, 2024


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My Nephew’s Caribbean Themed Bedroom; Before & After –

This teen bedroom update started with a love for the beach and a colourful mood board. Here’s a tour of a Caribbean themed bedroom makeover for my nephew.


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Caribbean bedroom inspiration and mood board

Markus messaged me a few months ago and said “I’m getting a room makeover, can you help me?”

“Of course”, I replied.

The next 3 evenings he came over and we sat in front of my laptop and created mood boards. This is just one of them (below).

The way to get the most beautiful room is to start with a mood board, then you can see almost exactly what it will look like and also whether the colours all work together. 

Most people shop for bedroom furniture like the living room. I need a bed, let’s go shopping.

Best to lay it all out in front of you just like this (below).

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We started with this turquoise dresser (below) which came over from William’s room. William is the scientist in the family so he’s got lots of projects and 3-D printing going on, there was no room for this piece of furniture in his room:

The room before happened to have a turquoise accent wall in it already:

I suggested a mural to go with this carribean colour. We were so thrilled when EazyWallz offered to sponsor the mural here.

We took the flamingo beach idea to HomeSense and gathered some art for the headboard wall!

The sandy beach in the mural makes the pink beige carpet in this room look exactly right. My 13 year old nephew Markus loves squishmallows. The reason there’s a blank spot in the upper right corner of this room (above) is because a hammock with a pile of them was immediately installed there, after this photo shoot!

More bedroom colour details

I also chose a pink beige off-the-shelf roman shade to relate to the ‘sandy’ theme.

Notice I’m breaking the clean vs. dirty rule here.

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Speaking of kids rooms, in this case, we made the pink beige carpet work but since most kids bedrooms are small, I wouldn’t work that hard to try and make the carpet coordinate with everything else. Kids rooms are all about their STUFF and that, in my opinion is more important!

Then I received an email from an artist asking if I’d be interested in one of these fabulous wooden birds (below). Markus thought the Flamingo was the one that belonged in this beach so that’s the one he chose.

It’s a mobile! So it moves with the slightest breeze!

Here’s the dresser which was the starting point. I thought it would be fun to paint the closet the same shade.

By the way, I use a small squishmallow (below) whenever I’m on a plane behind my back. They are easy to carry and whatever they are stuffed with is supremely comfortable and they are totally washable. My sister has a large one that she uses as the most comfortable throw pillow and then stores it behind the sofa (feather pillows stick into her).

Woodwing Creations

Rattan table lamp | Electric keyboard 


Headboard | Nightstand | Flamingo | Rattan Armchair | Turquoise Lamp | Mural | Desk | Swivel chair

Murals are such a great way to create a starting point for a kids bedroom! I did that with this teenage girls room here.

Terreeia and I are off to Nelson for our vacation for two weeks, we rented a cottage by the lake!

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