June 13, 2024


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‘Queer Eye’s’ Bobby Berk helped fans redesign their ‘Animal Crossing’ homes, and the results show why he’s the interior design expert

Bobby Berk took to Twitter to critique "Animal Crossing" homes.
Bobby Berk took to Twitter to critique “Animal Crossing” homes.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty/@QueerEye Twitter

  • Bobby Berk critiqued people’s “Animal Crossing” homes on Twitter.

  • Users are sent in photos of their in-game houses, and Berk gave them his verdict and any wisdom he might have.

  • Berk advised one fan: “I’d add a sitting area to the left of the screen. A nice little sofa and chair will really make the space feel cozy.”

  • The advice made the fan’s home instantly nicer, and she replied: “thank you so much it looks so much better.”

  • He told someone else that he was “dying for all those windows in your kitchen,” while he suggested bringing in Marie Kondo for another’s cluttered home.

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“Animal Crossing” is getting a lot of people through lockdown, with over five million copies since it released in March and many celebrities playing the game including Elijah Wood and Chrissy Teigen.

Now, Bobby Berk has joined the “Animal Crossing” family, though he is using the game to critique rather than play. The “Queer Eye” star, known for his interior design expertise, is taking to Twitter to give his verdict on players’ “Animal Crossing” homes.

The official Netflix “Queer Eye” account encouraged people to tweet photos of their in-game houses. They wrote: “Hai Nook Miles+ members!! Do you need help making your #AnimalCrossing house a little more shamazing? Well, @bobbyberk is SOO EXCITED to share his interior design expertise with you! Reply to this tweet with pics of your home + the hashtag #QExAC for some special hiptips!”


Berk received hundreds of submissions, and responded to many of them.

@_jinderella_ asked Berk how she could make her “Animal Crossing” bedroom “more cohesive” and how to fill up the empty space. Berk replied with some sage advice: “I’d add a sitting area to the left of the screen. A nice little sofa and chair will really make the space feel cozy.”


Berk’s advice clearly did the trick, too, as @_jinderella_ was very happy with the results:

Berk loved this entry from Ross O’Donovan, aka @RubberNinja:

@frankenwenz also tweeted photos of their “Animal Crossing” home, and Berk tweeted back: “Dying for all those windows in your kitchen!”

Berk also enjoyed this “Sabrina” themed kitchen from @babsdraws:

However, @2Fafou sent in a photo of their “Animal Crossing” home and it was clearly a bit too cluttered for Berk’s taste, as he said it was time to bring in fellow interior design genius Marie Kondo.


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