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Schumacher Wallpaper: Powder Room Design Ideas

Schumacher Wallpaper: Powder Room Design Ideas

Agadir Screen – Schumacher Wallpaper, design by Chad Esslinger

Transform Your Private Quarters with Schumacher Wallpaper

There’s a design trend that isn’t going anywhere any time soon: interior wallpaper. One of the best places to have a lot of fun with this is your powder room. By highlighting a stunning variety of Schumacher wallpaper, we’ve compiled some of our favorite powder room design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Adding touches of character to your home makes it more you. For this reason alone, creating an elegant powder room is another way to usher in your personal style. After all, studies have shown hat a visually pleasing atmosphere improves your mood and mental health. Wallpaper for small powder rooms literally canvases it in beauty. With that in mind, let’s dive into some stunning powder rooms adorned with Schumacher wallcovering options perfect for any interior design style.

Brighton Pavilion – Schumacher Wallpaper

The iconic Schumacher “Brighton Pavilion” wallpaper is featured in this simple yet elegant powder room. The combination of red and blush petals against a calming sea of blue creates a calming, charming atmosphere. Adding to the motif’s intrigue is greenery and dragonflies. For décor, the fresh hydrangeas on the sink with the embroidered hand towel really ties the floral theme together. Shop the “Brighton Pavilion” wallpaper collection (sold in panels).

Katsugi – Schumacher Wallpaper, design by Keeler & Co and Sean Litchfield

This chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper from Schumacher (titled “Katsugi”), imitates the geometric curves found in iconic blue and white Chinese pottery and vases. It also incorporates the deep oceanic navy inking you’d find on traditional wares. The flower-shaped stone mirror imitates the curvature found in the wallcovering. The gold leaf soap dish and wicker basket create a more natural, current look, without feeling cold or overly modern. Shop Schumacher wallpaper chinoiserie collections.

Millicent – Schumacher Wallpaper, design by Shop House Design

Dainty and wispy, the “Millicent” Schumacher wallpaper creates a scene perfect for an elegant farmhouse or traditional aesthetic. The off-white marble countertop and white wooden cabinets paired with this baby blue wallpaper feel so restful and calming. The freshly picked pink roses add a pop of color and contrast. Polished and brushed nickel hardware keeps the blue and white color combo front and center, while also adding a touch of sparkle.

Octavia Sisal – Schumacher Wallpaper, design by Katy Costner

This bathroom design fuses the modern with the traditional. Pure white beautifully contrasts the bold,  geometric wallpaper. Above the white wood millwork is Schumacher’s “Octavia Sisal” wallpaper in deep navy. Its contemporary octagon pattern highlights the hexagonal tile floor. Small graphic wallpaper details like these create more interest and personality. The white Greek key pattern between the octagons perfectly blends with the white, clean atmosphere.

Osieaux et Fleurs – Schumacher Wallpaper

F. Schumacher & Co. is one of the world’s most famous wallpaper designers, and this print is proof of that. This wallcovering is called “Osieaux et Fleurs,” which means “female birds and flowers.” In this breathtaking print, we see peacocks and butterflies among botanicals. This transitional powder room keeps the eye bouncing from detail to detail, from the baby-blue walls to the white marble sink to the wicker storage baskets. The brass hardware plays off of the wallpaper’s brown and tan hues, plus it’s a natural complement to the blue. You couldn’t ask for a more chic and refined space. Shop Schumacher birds and butterflies wallpaper styles.

modern black and white wallpaper in transitional bathroom with marble bowl sink
Queen of Spain Wallpaper by Schumacher

Last but not least, if your style is more modern, this black and white “Queen of Spain” Schumacher wallpaper is spot on (pun intended). It packs an impact without overwhelming the space. In this small powder room design, it features a modern marble bowl sink mixed with traditionally framed vanity mirror and artwork. This tones down the mod nature of this print, while creating an interesting mix of old and new.

Schumacher Wallpaper For Sale

For those inspired by these powder room design ideas, you can also shop F. Schumacher’s full selection of wallcoverings on L.A. Design Concepts. We also sell every Schumacher fabric. If you need assistance, feel free to call our team. We’re here to help! You can more interior design ideas on our Instagram feed, where we post daily inspiration. Until next time!