June 13, 2024


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The Link Up: Emily’s New Face Product She Loves (And Has Kept Her MIL’s Skin super Glowy), Jess’ Affordable Morning Drink, And A Nail Biting Read


Let us kick this pet off by indicating Satisfied Mother’s Working day! We hope that all who are celebrating are receiving to have the working day they have earned and for these not celebrating for whatsoever explanation, we also hope that you are using the time to do some thing caring for you. So once more Content Mother’s Day, Delighted Sunday, and Delighted Backlink Up<3

This week’s house tour is the actual perfect mix of new and old. Often when people attempt “Italian” or “French” or *insert European country* it lacks the age and soul of what they are striving to achieve. It’s usually not an easy feat without lots of funds and the right materials. However, when artist Yolande Gray purchased her two-apartment property in 1998 she wanted it to be Puglian-inspired. We’d say she nailed it (and used A LOT of recycled materials…like the 10,000 white bricks she got from a 1930s block in Bondi Beach). Go see for yourself.

From Emily: My Mother-in-Law has beautiful skin (she’s 75) without getting one thing done, so I finally bought these vitamin C/hyaluronic acid vials that she and a couple of her friends swear by (she has put them on every boomer gift guide we’ve written). And y’all they make your skin glowy and happy. It’s a clear difference. I put 1/2 on every morning (per the instructions – but you have to break the glass vial – it’s very scientific) and my skin looks fresh and stays glowy all day. I will say that I have very dry skin (even up here) and I’m not great at putting on multiple creams a day, but this feels effective and just controlled in a way I like. Maybe it just feels so rigid and serious, which makes me want to open and pour on that vial more than just another lotion/cream/serum.

Also From Emily:  I’m constantly impressed with my friend Joy for putting her efforts into projects that make the world a better, happier place. Her new kid’s book, A Kids Book About Confidence just came out and that subject is one that comes up a lot over here. How to raise confident, happy, and not empathetic kids is hard! This is a great book for your kids (and a great gift).

From Ryann: When you read this I will be in Rome, Italy (baby’s first trip!!). One thing I am SO happy we remembered to get before our trip is a good neck pillow. I famously have the hardest time sleeping on planes so a neck pillow is key and this pillow is top-notch. It’s 100% memory foam and shaped in such a way that it supports your neck at all angles. It feels really fancy but it’s pretty affordable at $20. I am a fan!

From Caitlin: OH MY GOSH. Stop what you’re doing, grab a little beverage (or a snack. Maybe even a beverage and a snack?) and settle in for this long read about a self-proclaimed serial killer expert who told folks his partner had been murdered, parlayed said tragedy into book deals and TV appearances and general fame, and who was then…well, you gotta read the rest, but it involves a group of determined internet sleuths discovering the REAL truth. (I bet you know where this is going.) SO GOOD, so interesting – it’s for sure my favorite long-form piece of 2022 so far.

Also from Caitlin: I’ve written about her before in this post about gel-x nails, but I literally do not understand how Nia, my manicurist-turned-friend, does not have a million followers. She’s incredible at nail art and her feed is so full of inspiration! This is my most recent manicure and here’s the one I got back in March. If you’re in LA, you should make an appointment (it gets better: her studio has a private parking lot, too!!!). If you’re not in LA, you should follow her anyway to see what she cooks up next – and then keep an eye out on her feed, because my May appointment is on Tuesday.

From Jess: I don’t know what prompted this shift but about three weeks ago I decided to kick my daily cold brew to the curb and started drinking iced oak milk matcha lattes. YIKES, that’s a mouthful to say. But spending $8 after tip daily, even for me, felt like too much of a luxury when I could easily make them at home. So I called my matcha-loving cousin to ask for her favorite matcha powder and she delivered. She loves this big 16oz can that’s only $25! And since you only use a teaspoon (at least with the recipe I use), it’s going to last me a while. So much $$$ saved. I also bought this matcha whisk and have been really enjoying the ritual of it.

From Mallory: I’ve always loved this marble bowl from CB2, but unfortunately, a $300 catch-all just isn’t a purchase I can get behind…so this dupe (that’s definitely not marble but looks pretty still) from Target is a really really solid option and the $300 turns to $30… I just saw it in person the other day and I love how lightweight it is!!

Opening Image Credits: Design by Yolande Gray | Architecture by Jose Garcia Negrette | Kitchen Design by David Whittaker | Styling by Tess Thyregod | Photo by Alisha Gore | via The Design Files


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