June 13, 2024


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The Link Up: The New Show That Has Emily INTERESTED, The Affordable Makeup Primer TikTok Convinced Jess To Buy, And Our Favorite Jeans Are Back


Happy Sunday and we hope the weather is nice where you are! We wanted to continue something that we tried a couple of weeks ago when we added a few photos of the jewelry and clothes Em was recommending in the post. Did you like that? Now, we won’t have photos of everything but when we do we thought they would be nice additions and show you the IRL version. Let us know what you think! In the meantime, let’s get to this week’s links…

This week’s house tour is SO FUN. Caitlin’s exact words were, “Omg this whole house rules”. Designed by We Are Duet, this home is bursting with modern color combos and bold patterns. The extra cool part is that the home style and architectural details are pretty classic European. Just go and see for yourself!

From Emily: I read Under The Banner of Heaven three times (Local and Kindle), which is A LOT for a non-fiction. This is partly due to being raised Mormon but also because John Krakauer is the Shakespeare of non-fiction storytelling/journalism. So you can imagine how happy I was when the tv series launched. While I’m only 3 episodes in (What? I go to bed at like 9 pm and they are 2-hour-long episodes!), I’m LOVING IT. Anything that tells the story of the early religion OR relates to how I grew up I find endlessly interesting. Of course, my perspective is skewed, but I find myself being both defensive and critical of so much of the storytelling/history. Regardless of your views, it’s so far an excellent show with interesting sets, fantastic acting, and so much mystery.

From Mallory: I recently found out about this workout class called P.volve (they have a few locations around the US) and then I also found out they have an online version!! Really love this for a low impact workout that gets your heart rate up:)

From Ryann: I recently upgraded my every day jewelry collection with these earrings and this bracelet. They are from a black-owned jewelry brand called Ten Wilde that I have been admiring from afar for a while. I finally hit the purchase button and am so happy I did! The pieces are quality, very cute, and pretty affordable. I will definitely be buying from them again!

the jeans in action

From Caitlin: I just got the email that my favorite flare jeans are back in stock at Madewell! They went missing from the site for like, a full year, and I am THRILLED that they’ve returned!!! (You may be, too – they were one of our bestselling items in all of 2021.) I have them in this light wash – and the EHD team will attest that I wear them nearly every time we meet up in person – but I am SO SO SO excited to fiiiinally replace some of my worn-out dark wash skinnies with these guys. My only note is that they have an 11″ rise, which I absolutely LOVE, but it may be kind of high if you don’t love your pants like, being on or over your belly button.

Also From Caitlin: Coming in hot with another Rajiv Surendra-style recommendation, y’all!!! (You know – educational, but in a charming/friendly/accessible way.) My boyfriend just introduced me to Architecture with Stewart, a YouTube channel where an architecture professor (multi-hyphenate – he does A LOT in the field) breaks down architectural concepts and ideas in SUPER fun and interesting ways. I’d recommend starting with something like The Architecture of Curb Appeal or Why Architecture Today Lacks Character, but my first foray into his channel was this week’s upload about The Secret Weapon of Great City Design, which I looooooved. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. (PS. If you like watching something while you’re eating, these are the perfect length. Hooray!!!)

From Jess: As I’ve said many times, I am not a full-face everyday makeup lady. But when I do put in the extra effort I want it to stay put instead of disappearing within a matter of a few hours…literally. Example: In an attempt this week to feel a little better/put together, I decided to put on makeup for a team brainstorm Zoom call. When the call started everything looked great but 3 hours later it was noticeably not as good! Luckily, I had already ordered this primer that the TikTok makeup gals swear by. They say it’s the way more affordable dupe of Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Hydrating Makeup Primer. I tried it for the first time on Wednesday night when I went to my friend’s book signing (GO BUY HER BOOK IT’S SO GOOD (Local and Kindle) and I can attest it gripped! Sorry, I forgot to take pics. I will mention that if you have really sensitive skin it might not feel awesome. I had a little itchiness but it did go away. Just an FYI:)

We hope you have a restful Sunday and see y’all tomorrow. Oh and don’t forget Father’s Day is coming up! If you need some ideas here ya go🙂

Opening Image Credits: Design by We Are Duet | Architecture by AJH+ | Styled by Megan Morton | Photo by Anson Smart | via Est Living


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