June 13, 2024


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The Threshold Stairs House Sets Serene Atmosphere, Highlights Magnificat Views

Threshold Stairs House area

Tiny homes are all the rage these days, and they’re that much more awesome when they’re attached to a bigger house. The Threshold Stairs House in Ribes de Freser in Spain is a wonderful addition that should inspire us all.

Threshold Stairs House area
The house looks spectacular with this addition.

Built in 2020 by the Comas-Pont Arquitectes, the new construction was supposed to connect the original house to the upper area which gave way to landscape views. So, they went ahead and enlarged the staircase and turned it into an entrance gallery instead, transforming the whole thing.

Threshold Stairs House entrance
The entry way offers some coverage from the elements and sets out the vibe for the whole area.
Threshold Stairs House side glass
The top of the landing features an extra large window to allow natural light in.

Then, they built an extra room in front of the original home, acting as a sort of covered terrace. It’s a place where people can retreat for peace and quiet, enjoy some morning sun, or some time together with the family.

Threshold Stairs House room
A beautiful room, full of natural light.
Threshold Stairs House Outside
Once more, when the light is on, the contrast makes the room stand out.

The whole space, starting with the stairway and leading up to the new room is covered in wood paneling – the walls and ceiling too. The room has wide glass windows, while vertical wood panels offer some privacy.

Threshold Stairs House double door
The room has a double door leading out to marvelous views
Threshold Stairs House landing (2)
The landing offers some great views.

The middle of the room is where you’ll find a massive door that allows the owners to go out onto the landing to enjoy nature.Threshold Stairs House plans

Photographs: Adrià Goula