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Choosing Kitchen Colours – DIAMOND INTERIORS

Choosing Kitchen Colours – DIAMOND INTERIORS

Choosing kitchen colours for a new home or renovation can often seem daunting at first; there are SO MANY options available to choose from! Our quick guide will help you get started and of course, should you need a little extra help, Diamond Interiors offers Kitchen Colour Consultations to make sure you absolutely nail your new kitchen design!

Choosing Kitchen Colours: Decide on a Kitchen Design Style

The very best place to start when it comes to choosing kitchen colours is to settle on a specific design style. By specifying your intended kitchen style you are effectively honing in on the look and character you want to achieve in your home and with this comes a range of colours and materials that lend themselves especially well to specific kitchen design styles. The Hamptons kitchen design style for example will often include white marble benchtops, navy blue cabinetry, crisp whites, gold or bright chrome hardware, while an industrial kitchen design style will often include concrete benchtops, raw timbers and matte black hardware. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to making these selections however, by settling on a kitchen design style you can see how easy it becomes to eliminate certain materials and colours that do not fit your design vision while allowing you to focus on a specific range of options, thus reducing the “selection overwhelm” we often experience when it comes to narrowing down your options!

Black Kitchen Colour Scheme_Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas
A luxurious kitchen colour scheme can be created by layering the same colour in different finishes throughout the space. In this example we see black glass cabinets paired with contrasting matte black kitchen cabinets and a honed marble benchtop and splashback. The design is enhanced by the used of metallic gold for a dramatic and refined look. Image: Pexels

If you are unsure of what your preferred kitchen style actually is though, the best way to start forming a design and kitchen colour scheme is to do a little research. Start by flicking through kitchen design magazines or social media platforms (Pinterest for example, is simply bursting with great ideas!). Keep your favourite images organised and label them with what you find most appealing. For example, note down your thoughts on the benchtop or the kitchen handles used, the kitchen lighting, etc. Pretty soon you will start to see a common theme emerging in your selected images which will give you a great jumping off point in creating your own specific kitchen colour and design style.

Set the Foundation with Kitchen Flooring

Next, you will want to decide on not only what type of flooring you would like in your new kitchen but also what colour would best suit the overall kitchen design style you have selected. It is important to also keep in mind the types and colours of the flooring that will be connecting to your kitchen; this becomes especially important in open plan home designs as you will have to select a flooring material that will be durable enough for the kitchen while also being comfortable enough for the adjoining living and dining spaces to keep the same material running throughout the entire space. Although you do have the option of using two different flooring solutions in an open plan design, the division between the two will have to be strategically designed so it appears intentional and neat while also being safe with minimal lips that can potentially pose a trip hazard.

Modern Kitchen Colours_Luxury kitchen design
A light and breezy kitchen colour scheme, this spaces uses light timbers with a dove grey kitchen floor tile. The living spaces is defined by the introduction of a contrasting coloured floor finish to create separate zones in this open plan layout. Image: Pexels

Timber flooring options and porcelain floor tiles are the most popular solutions for the kitchen as each provides an immensely long lasting and durable option. We find that most homes will stick with one or the other when it comes to selecting their kitchen flooring and it all comes down to what the user is most comfortable with. A huge selling point of timber flooring is that it is warmer underfoot, making it ideal to use throughout the home. Floor tiles on the other hand are quite cool however, you can incorporate area rugs in your design scheme to ensure a soft and comfortable surface while also creating and defining zones in an open plan layout. Either option will offer you years of use so stick with your own personal preference that will tie in with your needs and individual style.

Kitchen Colours: Combining Stone Benchtop Colours with Kitchen Cabinetry & Splashbacks

Now that you’ve defined your kitchen design preferences and decided on a flooring solution, it is time to look at your options in terms of kitchen cabinetry, splashbacks and kitchen benchtops.

Aside from the colour choices to make here, there are a lot of different materials available to choose from, each offering its own range of benefits and drawbacks while also sitting in varying price points; if you are working with a kitchen designer or interior designer they will assist you in ensuring your selections will sit within your specified budget.

Natural Kitchen Colour Scheme_Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas
Pair natural stone benchtops and splashbacks with timber kitchen cabinets for a classic and earthy look in your next kitchen renovation project! This kitchen colour scheme creates a soothing atmosphere in the home by combining a range of materials and textures, evoking images of nature for a serene and tranquil colour palette. Image: Pexels

To help get you started, checkout our guide on kitchen cabinetry options here. This guide runs through each of the different kitchen cupboard materials available and where they sit on the pricing scale. You may also find our guide to Caesarstone’s pricing quite useful during this step too!

Start by deciding on which element of your kitchen design scheme will be the feature element: your cabinetry, kitchen benchtops or splashback. If you are including a feature kitchen benchtop (such as a Statuario Marble for example which features bold grey veins) then using more subdued tones in your splashback and cabinetry would allow your benchtop to truly stand out. By deciding on a feature element in your kitchen design scheme you can then easily make decisions for each other element to ensure they all complement one another without competing for attention.

Selecting Kitchen Hardware, Metallic Accents & Kitchen Lighting

Finally, metallic accents, lighting solutions and kitchen hardware will complete your new kitchen colour scheme. These items should complement your overall look without detracting from your feature element (unless of course your lighting solutions ARE your feature element!). We are certainly spoiled for choice in today’s market with options ranging from classic chrome, satin chrome, brass or gold, matte black and plenty more. Each of these options will lend themselves well in specific types of kitchen design styles; For example, a classic Hamptons kitchen design will often include bright chrome finishes while transitional and traditional themed interior design schemes will suit brass or gold options.

Black kitchen colour scheme_luxury kitchen design
This luxurious modern kitchen design scheme is perfectly decorated with the use of feature pendant lighting. These glimmering metallic touches perfectly contrast the soft matte finishes of the kitchen. Image: Pexels

Creating a kitchen colour scheme can seem daunting at first however, breaking the process down into simple steps is a sure fire way to ensure you create that perfect look in your next kitchen renovation project!

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