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Tips to Create the Perfect Look!

Tips to Create the Perfect Look!

The Hamptons style kitchen design look has been trending in the world of interior design over recent years thanks to its timeless elegance and luxurious vibe. This kitchen design style uses a combination of country style elements and luxurious finishes for a wonderfully timeless look in the home, making it a popular kitchen design style where you are looking to create an elegant space with endless appeal.

Hamptons Style Kitchen Colours

The key themes that often come up when looking at traditional Hamptons style kitchen designs are coastal looks, breezy vibes and luxurious finishing touches and details. Traditional colours that are most often used in this style of kitchen design include soft whites and greys, various shades of blue (including navy blue, duck egg blue or pastel blue), sage green or mint. These are the most popular colour options that are included in a Hamptons style kitchen, whether they are introduced in your kitchen cabinetry finishes or decorative accessories throughout the space such as decor, furniture or kitchen light fixtures.

Hamptons Style Kitchen Design Ideas

Hamptons Style Kitchen Benchtops

When researching Hamptons kitchen designs, you will notice that most kitchen colour schemes include a white marble benchtop. This is perhaps the most popular kitchen benchtop option for this style of design as it creates a luxurious and elegant vibe in the home while also being a timeless design solution. A natural stone benchtop can be pricey however and will also require particular cleaning and maintenance techniques in order to maintain its lustre. A natural stone kitchen benchtop will require sealing as it is a porous material; this process must be repeated every few years or so depending on the benchtop’s wear over time. A quality sealant will act as a protective barrier across the benchtop’s surface, assisting in the prevention of discolouration or staining. Certain items can still stain a marble benchtop however (such as wine, spices, etc.) so this is something to keep in mind when making your kitchen colour selection.

Hamptons style kitchen_grey and white
It’s all in the details! A classic Hamptons style kitchen design scheme will include a combination of soft shades of grey or white paired with a luxurious stone benchtop and finished off with a selection of metallic finishes. Feature kitchen cupboard doors are also a must in this style of kitchen design along with decorative cabinetry features such as capping and columns. Image: Pexels

Engineered stone kitchen benchtops are an alternative solution here as are porcelain benchtops; you will find many marble-look options available in both engineered stone or porcelain benchtop collections, allowing you more variety in your kitchen colour selections. Both of these kitchen benchtop solutions provide am option that will not require ongoing maintenance and sealing and both are more resistant to staining in comparison to natural stone benchtops (especially porcelain benchtops!).

Kitchen Cabinets and Doors

Your kitchen cabinets will make up the bulk of your kitchen renovation budget so it is crucial to explore your options. A true Hamptons style kitchen design scheme will often include profiled doors (often referred to as Shaker style doors) such as those shown in the example below. It is important to note that these types of kitchen cabinets are not available in every cabinet material or finish (such as laminate for example) but can be sourced in a vinyl wrap, two pack or solid timber option.

Hamptons Style Kitchen Design Ideas

Furthermore, kitchen cabinets that feature a specific design style like these are included in a higher price point than flat options, adding a decent amount to your kitchen renovation budget! For examples of the types of doors available, you can download Polytec’s door brochure here – you will notice that each page of door options is labelled as Style 1 though to Style 6; these Styles denote the different price tiers with 1 being the most cost effective and 6 being the priciest.

Polytec is a manufacturer of kitchen cabinetry doors in a variety of finishes such as flat laminate doors and profiled vinyl wrap kitchen cabinets. Their kitchen doors can also be used to create the popular two pack kitchen styles where the doors are painted using a combination of hardener and paint for a hard wearing finish.

Kitchen Handles & Metallic Finishes

A true Hamptons style kitchen will include cabinet handles with some character! Shell or cup cabinet pulls are one of the most popular options, paired with small cupboard knobs for overhead cabinets. These handles provide a simple and comfortable to use solution that will perfectly complement a classic Hamptons style kitchen design scheme.

Hamptons Style Kitchen Handles_Kethy
Shell or cup pulls paired with cabinetry knobs are a popular solution for a Hamptons style kitchen design scheme. These cupboard handles are part of Kethy’s extensive collection and are available in a range of metallic finishes from matte black to copper and brass.

Kitchen handles are available in an impressive selection of finishes, from smooth matte black options, polished chrome, rustic brass or copper and more. Depending on your particular kitchen colour scheme, you even have the option of matching your sink and tapware with your handles or your kitchen lighting; this technique will effectively tie the entire kitchen design scheme together to create the perfect finishing touch.

A Hamptons style kitchen design scheme uses a range of specific design elements and materials to create an elegant and timeless look in the home. The right combination of classic white marble kitchen benchtops, Shaker style cabinetry and stylish metallic accents will create a stunning look in your new kitchen design scheme.

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