April 21, 2024


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The Basics of Solar Panel Installation for Clean-Energy Fans 

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More than half of Millennial customers (those born from 1982 to 2002) have vowed to sign up for solar panel installation within the next five years, according to a survey. With the increasing demand for homeowners who want to go solar, these products are getting cheaper every year.

Green technology has taken on a much cooler appeal to clean-energy fans who have absorbed environmental messages about using advanced technology to reduce energy consumption and to green the grid for the promise of a better and brighter future.

Benefits of Going Solar

There are a few better ways to consume energy at home than doing so on solar power. One of the best benefits of a solar panel installation nowadays is that it is getting cheaper than ever. In fact, the price of solar panels and installation has been coming down since 1998. Alongside this benefit are the following:

  • Lower cost of electric bills
  • Net metering: You can sell your excess electricity generated from your solar panels to the utility company for a greater discount on your energy bills
  • Environmental benefits: reduced carbon footprint when you run your home and even your car with clean, emission-free energy
  • Increased price value of your home
  • The tax advantage of tax credits from the federal and state government
  • An abundant source of power from an excellent and inexhaustible source of energy
  • Versatile, easy, and simple installation in both vertical and horizontal spaces from small-scale to large-scale solar projects.
  • Very minimal maintenance costs compared to other energy sources

Solar Panel Installation Process

When you work with a solar company for your solar panel installation, you can expect them to take these crucial steps in the process:

1. Free solar estimate

Solar companies conduct a free solar assessment that involves the survey of your property by a trained technician. They will check if your installation site can get adequate sun exposure and has enough space to accommodate the number of panels that will produce the needed energy to power your home or business.

Likewise, they will review your energy bills and write a detailed estimate of your solar panel system, including estimated savings and available incentives.

2. Designing your solar system

There is no one perfect system for all properties. Solar companies will take the time to talk with you to determine the perfect design for your solar array.  After determining your current and future energy and lifestyle needs, they will design a solar panel system that will fit your needs.

3. Choosing Solar Panels

Ask details from the solar company about the best quality solar panels that are the perfect fit for your solar system design. You will want to consider these tips:

  • The size of your system will depend on your energy and lifestyle needs.
  • The number of panels that will provide sufficient energy for your property.
  • The cost of solar panels will depend on size, brand, quality of materials used, warranty, durability, and certifications on the panels. Compare deals from three solar manufacturers or dealers.
  • Compare the overall quality of solar panels on:
  • Specifications
  • Inverters
  • Batteries in terms of performance
  • Durability
  • Warranty

4. Expert Installation

Get expert and professional solar panel installation services from a reputable solar company that has had experience in solar installations in different settings and conditions.

They will know how to safely and efficiently install your solar panels while protecting the aesthetic appeal and integrity of your roof and other structures of your property.  They can do solar panel installation in three easy steps:

  • Creating a clear and detailed plan with precautionary measures in installation safety and according to the solar panels’ manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • Preparing all materials and tools needed in the solar panel installation.
  • Properly mounting the solar panels according to your needs.

The direct mount is the most common mounting system for homes and properties that have a roof system suitable and wide enough to accommodate the needed size and number of solar panels.

The Ground Framework can be installed if you have a lot of wide space with a view of the horizon and if your roof system is not fit for the direct-mount solar system.

Trust the Solar Panel Installation Experts

It’s a good idea to have a professional solar panel installation team to handle your solar installation, call an expert installer of solar panels in New Orleans, They will explain how your system will operate, review you with the warranties and guarantees, and even help you apply for federal, state, and local solar incentives. Reap the benefits of a solar panel installation now.  Invest in the greenest and cleanest way to power your property!