June 13, 2024


Do you know Interior

This 1950s Dallas home was remodeled and redesigned with a sleek, contemporary look

This midcentury Dallas home has an updated look through a New York designer. The home was originally built in 1958 and updated this year.

Designer Janet Goldschmidt, who lives on Long Island in New York but has family in Dallas, said the home’s original design caught her attention.

“I loved it because it was a beautiful midcentury design,” Goldschmidt said.

Goldschmidt worked alongside her husband Ricardo Goldschmidt to develop the property, she said.

The home at 11348 Valleydale Drive has five bedrooms, four full bathrooms and one half-bathroom in 4,380 square feet. The interior design has a classic black-and-white palette that gives a contemporary feel. The crisp color palette is evident throughout the house and the clean lines demonstrate Goldschmidt’s leaning toward a sleek design.

The home’s main living area has an open-concept feel with a unique feature: glass doors that separate the space. The living room is just inside the front entrance of the home, and the dining room shares the space. In the middle, there are glass doors that separate the living and dining spaces from the kitchen. Goldschmidt said this is an intentional element.

“Through COVID, we all realized that all open-concept is not good,” she said.

The glass doors make it easy to close off each space, preventing cooking smells from transferring from room to room and adding a degree of privacy without making the spaces feel confined.